Thread Contributor: IyoforeayoThe Yukrovian Election Approaches!
ATTENTION! The City-State of Yukrovia wants YOU to help elect its newest leader!

As we near the dawn of the year 421, Yukrovia is proud to emerge as a neutral seat of diplomacy amidst the Great Nations of Atlas in these trying times. As such, we invite all Atlian citizens to cast their vote in electing Yukrovia’s next leader; one who will help usher the world into a new era of peace and prosperity!

Stay tuned for profiles on the 4 Yukrovian candidates running, so you can get to know them better! Hear their platforms and decide which candidate best represents your needs. Then cast your vote in a poll right here on the forums!

Polls open: 458th day of Cryos, 420 ACE (Friday, May 18)
Polls close: 169th day of Lakeshine, 421 ACE (Sunday, May 20)

Every voice matters! We invite all Citizens of Atlas to take part in changing the course of history. The future of Atlas is in your hands!