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Unexpected Company – Entry No.2
It is my first week in the region of the Purelakers and I am doing quite well so far. Occasionally I take trips across the lake to Telaria for supplies. At one point I decided to do some quests for the captain of the guard. They had asked me to look for a scout that headed into Odera Forest not to long before I went there myself. Fortunately for myself I was armed to the teeth with iron along with my newly acquired Naurulian Broadsword Hours had past and I still had not accomplished the extraction of the lost Telarian Scout from this accursed forest. 
Night had befallen upon me and I was quite a distance from my camp. Monsters in the forest had begun to spawn in the forest which had made me a bit nervous. Shortly after I begin to head back to my camp Skeletons, Creepers, and Zombies had descended upon me. Using my newly bought Naurulian Broadsword I cut the monsters to pieces and made haste to my camp. Into my dirt hut I awaited the light of the sun so I may safely return to Telaria.
Hereafter I took my oak boat across the Purelake that shone beautifully in the rising sun of dawn. I ultimately reached the Telarian harbor and hastily climbed up the ladder. Out of breath I fell to my knees on the stone brick pathway next to the Church. Shortly I returned to my normal self and bought a fresh pumpkin pie from a vendor near the southern wall of Telaria. I looked around while ferociously tore apart my pie from my hunger. 
Walking towards me was a figure suited in plate diamond carrying a longbow and a longsword. He walked up to me and introduced himself; his name was Alli, one of the Lords of Aureus. I asked what Aureus was which gave him a state of shock. He mentioned that Aureus was one of the strongest nations in North-Western Athera. Alli asked if I needed some assistance then indisputably I accepted the kind offer. We then took a stroll around Telaria and I told him my story. I learned some interesting things about the Purelake from Alli. Both of us then sat down in the local tavern and grabbed a drink. The subject of Aureus again arose only this time along with an invitation to join their ranks.
He told me some benefits of joining their ranks and how the experience would be. I debated regarding how I wanted my own nation on Athera. Alli advised against it as he said founding a nation especially on Athera was extremely difficult. After some more debating I agreed to join Aureus. Both of us left the tavern and made preparations to travel to their main city.
End of Entry No.2