Thread Contributor: Dnw7The Carpenter's Daughter pt.1
It had started out as nothing more than a dream. It was nothing more that a far-off fairy-tale idea, owning her own land and working hard to build an empire out of the very soil. She had never imagined such an opportunity would ever arise. She especially didn't believe that the quiet brewer boy would play a part in it. But then again, it was just as her father used to always say: Miracles can come in unexpected packages.

Her father... He had been a carpenter, one of the finest in the land no less. He taught her everything she knew in regards to construction. He would always say that the best bonds were built similar to homes. One starts with a strong foundation, has the proper uprights to hold it steady, has solid walls that gave enough space as it was needed, and lastly has a roof that keeps all beneath it safe. After he died unexpectedly from sickness, she found the metaphor silly because even though the bond of the father-daughter pair was strong, it was not strong enough to prevent his passing.

She went to live with her aunt and uncle after that in a far away town where she knew nobody. The townsfolk just assumed they were another family and strangely none of them questioned her sudden appearance in the priest's home. She did not like her uncle, however. She found him very controlling and irrational, always preaching about how a woman was to stay at home and that her background in carpentry was nothing more than his brother's folly. She would never believe in him or his ways and she longed to do something more. Every night after dark, she would sneak out of the house and explore the town. She had no fear of any of the shady individuals that also roamed the streets at night and was surprisingly charismatic when it came to talking her way out of conflicts. After many weeks of her moonlight escapades, she began to be known by those around town as the girl who came out only in the dark.

The girl, now know as Dark, found life to be dull and repetitive in this town. She longed for something more from life. She wanted to run away and start anew on her own without her father who abandoned her and without her uncle who smothered her. She figured she could do it all on her own if she saved up enough resources and gems to start her own little ranch. However, she did see fault in this dream as she knew nothing but carpentry and could never survive on just building. She needed to learn some kind of skill in agriculture or similar craft. At least then she could feed herself. Yes, that is what she'd do. The very next day, the girl approached her uncle about attending classes about farming where she could learn the basics of irrigation, crop rotations, and seasonal harvests. At first the old preist was about to deny her, but he saw the look in her eyes and knew this was a good opportunity for her to do more than wander idly about his home or the church. He agreed to let her study agriculture.

It was at this school that the girl first saw her future taking shape. She was learning a skill that could both feed her as well as earn her enough gems to take the caravan far away. It was a perfect opportunity! She was quite pleased with herself after many months of studying and was just on her way home from classes to tend to the garden her uncle had let her plant when she saw him. There under the eaves of the brewery sat the boy that the whole town had been buzzing about. He was a young boy, Ale they called him, who the townsfolk believed was destined to become the greatest brewer in all the land. He was certainly a small boy though, and he was holding his head in his hands looking awfully upset. He really didn't seem like a great brewer, Dark thought to herself. 

“Hey, are you alright?” she spoke up. This snapped the boy out of his thoughts and he looked up, clearly surprised. She swore his face became a bit pinker for a moment before he looked away.

“Oh, yeah I’m fine” he attempted to lie. In her many times out at night, Dark had gotten used to telling which shady figure was lying and who was being honest and upfront with her. She knew Ale was hiding something.

“No, you’re not” Dark insisted, sitting down next to him, “You can tell me what’s wrong, I won’t judge.”

The boy hesistated a moment before relaying the day's events to her. He had been leaving class when another boy had grabbed him. That boy was none other than 'the wall', so named for his size and strength. Dark also thought his face did have the likeness of a flat wall. He and his friends had beaten Ale for making them look bad in class and left him winded sitting just outside of the rain.

“Aren’t you the best in your class?” she tried to console the boy so that he wouldn't become discouraged from brewing, which was clearly his passion.

"I guess" he mumbled, but Dark saw the brief spark of confidence her words had caused.

“Well, everyone’s talking about you” She said, “You’re very well known throughout town.”

"Really?” his eyes showed his disbelief.

“Sure, everyone knows about the boy who can brew as well as an old tavern worker” she assured him “I’ve heard even the king is impressed.” Dark wasn't actually sure if she was telling the truth or not. Sure everyone in town did seem impressed with the boy, but even the king? She was embellishing, but it was working. Ale seemed to perk up at the thought.

“Well anyway, I was just on my way home, and you looked a little shaken, but I’d better be on my way.” She stood to leave before she dug a hole too deep for herself.

"Hey" Ale shouted after her, causing her to stop and turn. "Do you think we could talk again sometime?" He asked hopefully.

"Sure" she promised. "I've got a few mintues after school. See you tomorrow?" She would have stayed all night talking to the pleasant boy if she could, but she knew her uncle would be far from pleased. Her aunt had been getting sick lately and she needed to help around the house more.

"Count on it" the boy nodded back to her before taking his own leave. It was strange, but the both of the young adults felt rather invigorated after speaking to each other. Perhaps there was something special forming between them.
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