Thread Contributor: RaxiusWar Declaration against the Holy Horsian Empire, 417 ACE
War Declaration against the Holy Horsia Empire
Passed by the Aureunite Council on the 454th Day of Evermoon, 417 ACE

 This document is a declaration of war against the Holy Horsia Empire by the nation of Aureus. The Holy Horsian Empire has disrupted the peace of Athera for two years. It has threatened, harassed, and attacked many innocent nations. Aureus originally declared the empire as a simple insurgency, but Aureus now realizes that they are a greater threat.  Aureus will siege all assets owned by the Holy Horsia Empire. Aureus shall also assault any allied nations with the Horsian Empire, or any nations that hold allegiance to the Empire. Aureus is open to diplomatic discussions, but if none occur then Aureus will purge the Holy Horsian Empire out of existence.

The empire did nothing wrong.

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But what about the droid attack on the Wookies?
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