Thread Contributor: Macus17Zones and Groups
As you may have noticed the new groups system is available.

Here are some things to know.

- Nations now have groups.
- Groups have permissions.
- Groups can have zones.
- Groups can have players.
- A Player can be in more than one group.
- You can set time limits on group membership (optional). (/nation group add Notch 24 SubLeader)
- You can add players to groups who are not part of the nation, however they must have a time limit applied.
- Permissions do NOT inherit from any other groups.
- The order of the groups is irrelevant to most permissions (see below)
- This means that a group "below" you may have more permissions than you do.
- Nations must have 1 leader group and one default group.
- New nation members will be added to the default group.
- There must always be at least one person in the leader group.
- There are special permissions that DO care about the order of the groups.
- These include all permissions that start with: "SUB_GROUP"
- These special permissions include things like adding and removing players from the groups below you.
- More permissions may be added later.
- You cannot enable a permission for another group if you do not have that permission as well.
- You cannot edit your own group.
- The last two do not apply to the leader group, they can always edit their own permissions.

You can view the nation groups using /nation group 
The interface is click based. mouse over the permissions to get a description of them.

You can make the structure as complicated or simple as you like.
Example Structure:
- Leader (Ajax)
-- SubLeader 
--- Teams Manager (Jim)
---- Builders Team Leader (Jane)
------ Builders Team Member (Luke, Dave)
---- Redstone Team Leader 
------ Redstone Team Member 
--- Recruitment Officer (Steve)
----- Citizens [default] (Bob, Jane, Andy, Dave, Luke, Jim)
--- Department of Foreign Affairs (Jim)
----- Foreign Diplomats 
----- Foreign Workers
--- Department of Defence (Bob)
---- Officer
------ Soldier (Andy)
------ Archer (Dave)
--- Housing Manager (Bob)
----- House 1 (Jane)
----- House 2 (Andy, Dave)

Example Permissions 
Department of Defence & The Guild Leaders 
- SUB_GROUP.MOVE (move groups under this group around)

Teams Manager 
-SUB_GROUP.MANAGE (rename groups, etc)

Recruitment Officer 
- NATION.KICK (be careful with this)

Department of Foreign Affairs


Housing Manager 

=== Zones === 
Towns can create zones. 
A zone is defined using a gold axe and clicking (right and left) on the corners of the zone.
you can then use /town zone create myCoolZone 
You will then be asked to confirm and select what group the zone belongs to.

It is important to remember that zones are always attached to a group.

Who can create zones?
- Any citizen who is in a group with the SUB_GROUP.EDIT_ZONES permission. 
- For example Bob can create zones for the groups "Housing Manager", "House 1", and "House 2"

Who can access a zone?
- Anyone who is a member of the same group as the zone. or
- Anyone in a group above the zone's group who also holds the SUB_GROUP.EDIT_ZONES permission.
- Note that in addition to the above the player must hold the NATION.BLOCKS permission in ANY group in the nation.

If Bob were to create a zone and attach it to the "House 1" group, both he and Jane will have build access to it.

Note: when you create a zone you must have build access to all existing zones that overlap with it.

Right click with a feather to see what zones are applied to a block

Weak and Strong zones 
- A strong zone requires that you are in the same group as the zone (unless you have the SUB_GROUP.EDIT_ZONES permission).
- If two strong zones overlap, you need access to both in order to break blocks and use doors.
- A weak zone works like a strong zone, however if there are overlapping zones, you just need to have access to at least one of them.
- The main use case for a weak zone is a locker room, the whole building is covered by a weak zone, and each player has their personal area covered with a strong zone.
- This prevents people building outsides their designated locker.
- use /town zone weak myCoolZone to change the type of a zone.

=== Important Stuff ===
- Like nations and towns, when you type the names of zones and groups you can leave out the spaces in the name.
- If you have a zone with the name "Dank Memes" you can use commands 
- "/town zone weak Dank Memes" or "/town zone weak DankMemes"
- Some commands require that you do this. Such as /zone rename <olName> <newName> requires that the old name has no spaces.
- In general spaces in names are a pain, avoid them if you can.
- Players must have NATION.BLOCKS permission to break or place blocks in the nation, regardless of what the zones say.
- Zones do not protect from pistons.

- Zones will stop working during a siege (along with all other forms of town protection, except guard towers)
- in the above example Steve can kick anyone in the "Citizens" group out of the nation, even if they are a leader.
- It would be a good idea to move people out of the "Citizens" group if they outrank Steve.
- Be careful with SUBGROUP.MOVE and SUBGROUP.TRANSFER they could allow a player to move a group in such a way to gain permissions. 
- In the example Jim can move the group "Redstone Team Member" anywhere within the "Teams Manager" group because he holds the SUBGROUP.MOVE permission on the "Teams Manager" group.
- However Jim cannot transfer "Redstone Team Member" into "Department of Foreign Affairs" even though he holds SUBGROUP.MOVE in "Department of Foreign Affairs".
- To do this Jim would need to be a member of a group that is above both "Department of Foreign Affairs" and "Teams Manager" (eg SubLeader) AND also hold the SUBGROUP.TRANSFER permission.

=== FAQs ===

"I am a leader and it says I don't have permission?"
Permissions apply to leaders like all other groups.
However Leaders can ALWAYS edit there own permissions. 
so just do /nation group and enable the permission you need.

"Why didn't you just make leaders exempt for permissions?"
It allows leader to be able to test what each permission does and helps prevent accidental commands.

"What happened to the guest command?"
It was replaced by the groups, you can add non nation members to any group for a set period of time.

"What happens if I delete a group?"
Any subgroups will become children of the deleted groups parent.
Any zones will be transferred to the parent as well.
Players are not automatically moved, this can cause some players to be groupless, if that happens they will have no build access.

"How do I define a zone?
- Set the corners using a gold axe 
- use /nation zone create MyCoolZone
- Click on the group it will be attached to.

"Can I move a zone to a different group?"
- use /town zone setgroup MyCoolZone NewGroup
- You will need to have the zone edit permission in both groups.