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Arena and Forced Vuln Time - Orlanth - 07-27-2019

Arena: do /arena to go to a pvp area where a basic kit is provided every time you die, its a practice place for team fighting and other such things. Also add a BYOG arena.

Forced Vuln Time: Have a default vuln time that ALL nations have this is of course changeable and of course no one HAST to  actually claim a relic and become vulnerable. But this may just be a nice little nudge to help players get moving into being comfortable with sieges.

RE: Arena and Forced Vuln Time - Adara_ - 07-28-2019

for fun seiges (where you simply score points by taking dummy items out of chests) could be an interesting alternative to a forced vuln time, other than that, +1

RE: Arena and Forced Vuln Time - EpikNyan - 07-28-2019

While I agree that an arena command would be pretty useful for pvp training, I don't think that forced vuln times would be a good idea. If anything, it would make more sense to have your nation besieged as long as you have a relic and a percentage of your calculated active player base online. The mechanic of vuln times is really annoying when it seems like you're forced to play despite not knowing if you'll actually have time to play that day or not even though you want to opt into the sieges plugin. It is very inconvenient for some players to have vuln times in order to opt in to the siege system when that could simply be replaced with the decision to opt in being more hard-pressed in retaining your player activity rather than knowing if you'll be at home at 10:00 PM or at a friend's house.