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Knocky Hole, The Game of the Dwarves - Dr_Ajax - 07-26-2019

The Game of Dwarves
By Asaek Taesbeard

Knocky Hole is sweeping the dwarven world as the sport for  those looking to prove their mettle against like-minded dwarves. In its early days, miners fought and wrestled in stone rings on the mining floor of Durza Dok. One dwarf was dominant in the early ring. Rucar defeated almost every single comer. Rucar specialized in victory by submission, with a relentless patience that saw opponents to the ground. This all changed with the modernization of the sport. Fighters were tougher and hit harder. Rucar took on Artemis, another veteran, in a fight to decide the champion of the ring. Rucar forced Artemis out of the ring, securing the first round point. Artemis came back in the second round, taking that round. In the third round, it looked like this match would see both  contestants trade points back and forth. Rucar backed Artemis onto the ropes. Then Artemis stepped inside, staggered Rucar, then took him down for a stunning submission victory. 


Rucar immediately challenged for a rematch. Round one opened with two shots from Rucar, before Artemis returned with the inside step, stagger shot, and submission. The world of Knocky Hole was stunned. No one had seen a first round submission since the early days when Dr Ajax defeated Rucar by technical submission.


It wasn’t until several fights later, when Rucar was able to reclaim his title. The grudge match between the two fighters smashed previous records for the length of a fight.  Rucar wore down Artemis taking the points for rounds one and two before submitting him in round three. Rucar could have reclaimed his title much earlier. He denied the victory by KO and continued the fight. When asked about this decision he said, “I wanted to get my champions belt back and I didn’t want any questions asked about that.” The submission in the third round brought the champion title back to Rucar. The next season of Knocky Hole will see many new fighters and the opportunity for Rucar to defend his belt.

RE: Knocky Hole, The Game of the Dwarves - Rucar - 07-26-2019

That belt will stay with me now.