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Current maps are bad + world suggestion and offer - Bluphenyx - 07-14-2019

Alright, got me here some feedback, suggestions and a plugin that could make life good for you guys

Gonna jump around to scenarios in feedback, so stay with me. While I was running around Nauru, I begun to realize something. Despite there being a massive claimed island, there was nothing outside the city. Nothing! It made me waste time looking for fun secrets, because I expected something. Point being, you would expect a fishing hut or something. A little color. Fast forward a bit now, I'm running through the wild, usually completely lost despite my compass. Which if not for the charm of the rest of the server, would drive me to quit the server on account of no real adventure, just bored running.

This brings me to one of my suggestions. You all need more POIs. There's just not enough to go around to make exploring worth it aside from punching coords in your compass. Nobody wants to do that, they want to head north of the Odera Ziggurat to the Old Fortress in the name of adventure! The world is nothing but a pretty canvas at the moment. 

Now on the subject of POIs, I believe them to be too... Static. Which is normally fine and dandy but this is Minecraft. But this is an issue because you can't have players destroying things normally, right? Well, that's where this comes into play. It's a plugin that runs a respawning POI mechanic in a certain server that I'm also in (ask Bork) using FAWE. I believe with tinkering, it is the perfect answer to make POIs not need protection (some of them anyway) and allow players to build in certain areas for more interactivity (and spawners that can't be farmed easily lol)

Subsequently, I suggest that if these changes go live, the relics will instead show the closest POI so it's not so easy to just find nations that have been secret and thus upping the exploration factor of the server.

Finally, I'm going to offer to apply as a designer of POIs if possible, (if you take these to consideration) to help take any potential workload off of your guys' shoulders. Speaking of which, go get a cup of coffee. You guys deserve it. Thanks for sticking til the end you guys, I really love this place and want to help it grow. I hope you take it all into consideration! Also, NATION AIRSHIPS, REEEEEEEEEEEEE *EDIT

RE: Current maps are bad + world suggestion and offer - Adara_ - 07-14-2019

I believe something like this was planned a while ago, Tbh this to me is something I would really love to see as I love scrambling all over ruins and small but sweet interesting areas. +1

RE: Current maps are bad + world suggestion and offer - Desertdweller_ - 07-14-2019

Well its funny you mention it, but we are actually working on a rework of Nauru literally begun today. So while I'm not sure there will be much as far as empty space, I personally will try to populate the empty space with interesting things. As far as the whole world itself however, the main reason it's a blank canvas, is for players to fill it in with their own projects. Personally it feels a lot cooler that when travelling through Athera, you see old ruins of towns, but not just random admin placed ruins, but old player builds, that have history you can dig into. While Atlas tries to make a cool world for players to inhabit, I think the goal is to not suffocate player creativity with too many pre-built things.

That being said; There is always work on adding new things, not just mechanics, or tweaks, but additions to the map and content, such as additional dungeons and The Nether. Just bare with the dev team, its unpaid, and takes a lot of time to work on this stuff.

RE: Current maps are bad + world suggestion and offer - Adara_ - 07-15-2019

I mean, it is possible to make npc ruins or poi that are worth exploring. 
And whose to say ya can't give those any story?

RE: Current maps are bad + world suggestion and offer - Iyoforeayo - 07-15-2019

Some fair points in here:

On the subject of Nauru, we 100% agree. Looks like Desert answered this one already, but we're actually already in the works of recreating the entire Nauru island and city. Currently, you are correct - there is too much blank space, and new players sometimes end up wandering around the empty woods outside Nauru thinking it's the "actual" wilderness. The new Nauru island will be pretty much entirely covered in the city, not to mention laid out better and easier to traverse/find things.

POIs become a bit of a different story when it comes to Athera. We actually received similar feedback in the past (back in Alpha, when the map was quite a bit emptier), and made an effort to increase these places across Athera - hence why there are now dozens of POIs across the world, in addition to the 18 NPC towns (some related to quests, some not.) The problem with adding more of these comes down to land available to players, and proximity taxes. POIs, if they're meant to be anything more than "cool-looking thing that gets dismantled as soon as a player stumbles upon it," need to be claimed and block-protected. And while the plugin you linked is definitely interesting as a way to have randomly spawning "unprotected POIs," mechanically, it's significantly more intensive than just slapping the plugin onto the server and making some slight tweaks. The integration required with the world regen system alone would require so much work, that it would make more sense just to write this sort of thing in-house.

This is not to say that I disagree with your point - quite the opposite - more ruins and POIs to stumble upon throughout the world is something I'd love to see as well. It's actually part of the reasoning behind the "ruinification" part of our world regen system - players will build Towns all over the place over time, abandon those towns, and they'll slowly become unclaimed and turn to ruins, that future players can stumble upon and explore. This is obviously still being tinkered with, but when the system is working 100%, it will help in adding more and more character to the wilderness over time. Like Desert mentioned as well, stumbling upon the ruins of an old player town that had its own history and story to it, is infinitely more interesting than stumbling upon just a token pre-built "tower ruins" asset.

This is great feedback though, as exploration is certainly something we want to incentivize and reward. We've toyed with other ways to achieve this too - "treasure hunts" where randomly-spawning chests with unique loot appear in the wilds with a server broadcast, more frequently-spawning world bosses, random events that only trigger a certain distance from claimed land, etc - but we're always open to more ideas. Also, you should definitely apply for build dev if you're interested, as we're always looking to add more talented builders to the team!