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The Qindao Confederation - Rucar - 06-25-2019

The Qindao Confederation is a coalition made up of different nations, groups and peoples from the destroyed world of Gianus. Upon coming to Atlas, the group decided they wanted to keep their distinct cultures alive, but at the same time, wanted to work together against these new nations, groups and peoples they found on Atlas.

The Qindao government functions with an Elected Monarch reigning supreme over the entire Confederation, while princes rule their individual provinces and towns. When a monarch dies, a new king is elected by the all the princes of the different towns. Often a Qindao king has a small group of advisors, known as the Kings Council. There is some debate about how much power these counselors actually wield, and if they are above or below princes. This system has lead to some contention among the group.

The Qindao value strength, ingenuity and efficiency, they respect nations that have proved military strength, or economic prowess.  A common goodbye phrase around the confederation is, “May good fortune touch your hand.” The Qindao are known to be loyal allies to their friends, and fierce adversaries to their enemies.