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Journey through The Grey Isles - Rekizz - 05-29-2019

As I ventured off into the azure blue waters off the coast of Port Qi Shen, all there was to see were trees of snow white trunks, with the top resembling red and brown mushrooms. As I strode along the vast array of mycelium, the only forms of life so ever-present in this landscape were cows. Red cows with mushrooms sticking out of their body. The Archmage, having cast a spell on this place, produced these life forms which are native to and thrive in this biome. As I scanned the horizon ahead of me, two creatures that seemed alien caught me eye. Their looming presence seemed to be the omen of dark intent as their dark sharp eyes stared at me with hunger and desire to kill. One of them was named the Shen Mutant, the other being the Mana Ray. I continued on my path, trying my best to ignore them, for I was unequipped with the necessities to be of a challenge to them. Luckily, they had no intent to follow me. Not long after, water started to drop from the endless sky. Rain fell on the island like a never ending firing of bullets in a war, so strong that it seemed to be ploughing up the ground beneath my feet.

Having wandered for a day, it seemed obvious that this place had no inhabitants, as far as I explored. Suddenly, ahead of me lay a small island, with its foundation resembling a sort of pyramid. Slowly approaching the structure, taking the extra effort to make sure no noise was made, unaware of the danger that stood in front of me, I noticed that there was a hole on the summit of this "pyramid". I made my way up this structure and stood in absolute shock as I looked at the contents in this "hole". However, nothing could save me at that point in time. I whispered to myself "Oh, shi-".

Thick autumn orange liquid erupted from the hole. Lava sprayed everywhere onto the surroundings swiftly. Everything within some kilometres of the island, what once was filled with marine life and sea, all ceased to exist as the lava made quick work of it, all water turning into stone. It dawned on me that what seemed like a pyramid was actually a volcano on the verge of erupting, as if vowing to disintegrate all around it. Too bad I was oblivious to the obvious. By god's grace, I managed to get out of an insurmountable danger by sheer luck, making out alive rather unscathed, as I was watching in horror as lava poured in all directions, but little directly coming my path. Having survived such a tragedy, the remains of the volcano still stood rather sturdy, with a lot of wood surrounding it. So, I settled down here, together with some friends, and transformed the volcano into a tree-stronghold, with the vicinity all paved in grey.