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New Player tutorials and help youtube series. - bismar7 - 04-16-2019

Many of you are already aware of this series, but I wanted to take a second and explain what the idea and purpose behind the videos I have been making.

I think that there is a gap between what plug-ins we have and players knowing how to use them. In many cases the elders made several really good tutorial quests in Narru that help with this gap. 

However there is still a difference between having text tell you what to do, and literally watching someone do it. That is the goal here, to demonstrate use of these plug-ins for newer players, along with tips such as how discovery ingots work, who to sell fish to, or where daily quests are located and what they require.

If you are a new player feel free to watch these. I would also like those of you who are veterans on server help with this in the comments. If I missed something that is good for a new player to know regarding any of the skills, or if you have any additional tips, please leave them in the comments so new people who watch the videos can use them!
Here is the current playlist that will have additional videos added to it:

If you have suggestions or requests for me to cover something I haven't yet, please post a response in this thread with the request.

Some areas I intend to cover in the future: Brewery, Fletchery, and potentially (waiting on the okay for these two) Kairos and the Atlas Website toolset.

RE: New Player tutorials and help youtube series. - Cqrson - 04-16-2019

I want to be the first to say this: MAKE BISMAR A STAFF MEMBER!

He has no doubtedly done some great stuff for the server and I am 100% positive he will continue doing more. Just listening to some of these videos shows how much he enjoys playing on here and the even better part of trying to help along the new player base which is exactly what this community needs!

Props to you Bismar

(Sorry to clog up the thread, but just wanted to put my two cents in.)