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Melrakki Chronicles, the tale of the Hidden City - LordMaddock - 04-15-2019

Melrakki Chronicles, the tale of the Hidden City 

Shortly after Melrakki Nation journeyed to the South, it was thriving unlike any nation at the time. Farming industries and infrastructures were the first of their class. They had military, and economic growth. At the start of the first summer of 432 ACE, King Thadius, Lord Noneki, and Sir Sage their personal body guard went on a trade route to Gradule, in the Highlands. Packed with good amounts of items to trade on some pack mules, they set out to travel. After two days of riding with some breaks, Thadius, Noneki and Sage came across a cave with extremely large cliffs surrounding it, with nowhere else to go the group headed into the cave. Traveling far into the cave, and growing tired by the moment, Thadius, Noneki and Sage decide to lay camp for the night. While Noneki and Thadius decided to set camp up, Sage scouted around to see for any enemies further on. Sage getting further into the cave sees a slight glowing in the background almost as if something was hiding in the dark, curious he walks closer to find what appears to be an outline of a door, looking even further he sees a lever, on the right side of what looks like a door. Quickly Sage takes off to tell Noneki and Thadius, after talking about it, they decide to go and investigate. Upon hearing all the information Thadius smiles, and looks at Noneki who’s already grinning. Armed with their axes gripped tight, Thadius and Noneki join Sage into the dark. When Thadius, Noneki and Sage arrive to the door, Sage goes right for the lever. something was very odd about this place Thadius says, right before he gets a close read on a sign covered in dust, “STOP,” Thadius yells. This is no mere cave this was once the greatest dwarf city to ever be established underground, I’ve only heard stories of this place. I never knew it actually existed. Stunned and a tad thrown off at the knowledge the King suddenly beheld, Sage without thinking reaches for the lever again, NO said Noneki, are you stupid? As Noneki points to the spikes right above Sages head, that’ll be the last time you pull a lever kiddo. With both Thadius and Noneki smirking now, they start to look for a key or button to open the doors. Thadius suddenly remembers all the old teaches his dad used to talk about infant of family and friends, silly stuff, but Thadius would always listen. He specifically remembered stories about the Ancient Dwarf ruins and how to access things, he started to look around for things he knew his father had talked about, and suddenly Thadius came upon a block on the wall unlike the others surrounding it, he pushes the block and it starts to slide backwards as the door slides open. 

Curious to see what was inside the three ventured into the main halls of the city. Unimaginable sites filled their minds, there stood before them the Ancient City of Bur Daruhl, this was a city with the finest gold and iron a dwarf could buy, the walls of the city were solid gold, the roads covered in blocks of Iron, and the houses made of beautiful prismarine and obsidian. As Noneki and Sage began walking through the streets Thadius simply stood in awe, “I used to laugh at my father’s stories, I always thought they were so silly, and childish. If only you could see this now father,” as Thadius picks up the reigns on the mule and carries onward through the city. Sage turns and looks at Noneki and Thadius, so whatever happened to this place, looks like a great place to build and they seemed to be economically set, there towers and fortresses seem to be the best I’ve ever seen. Thadius takes an odd amount of time to reply, but says, “If legend proves to be right again, they were raided by goblins and skeletons during the night. The city was over run and people didn’t have anywhere to go.” They were brutally slaughtered in the night, and with no mercy. As soon as Thadius finishes with the story both Noneki and Sage grip there weapons little tighter. If I’m not mistaken the exit was told to be on the other side of the castle over there, as they peer across the vastness of the city, it seemed like a two-day trip to get to the castle. Well, if we get started, we should be down the mountain and into the center city before night fall. “What happens at nightfall?” asks Noneki, Thadius replies it’s best you just see for yourself on the other side of that wall. Legend says zombies, cave spiders, skeletons and even more come roaming about these parts at nightfall. Ok gentlemen we pack light, take all the stuff you can afford to lose and put it on the carrying mule, Noneki you ride the mule, and me and Sage will scout out ahead. As Thadius and Sage run off into the distant, Noneki is faced with trying to get the mule to the wall before nightfall. Hours pass and Thadius and Sage are at the wall looking for Noneki and the mule, they start to yell out but no voices to be heard. Sage offers to go and get him, but Thadius decides it’s better to both go then to be alone, “we should’ve stayed with him,” said Sage, but the donkey would’ve held us back from scouting the walls and looking for loot. 

After taking a little time walking, they found Noneki and the mule sitting on the side of the road, “we almost got there,” said Noneki. I was resting I would’ve made it, they laughed for a little, but as they started to see the sin coming down over the high cave entrance, they started to hear noises from underneath the ground, like an army of a thousand dead people rising from the graves. Terrified Noneki hikes his pants and takes off, and sage behind him, as Thadius grabs the reigns on the mule, he smacks the donkey’s rear and the donkey takes off for the wall. As the three close the doors, and bar them, they hear groans all throughout the cave, as Noneki looks out over the wall an arrow catches his left shoulder, “son of a gun,” Noneki says, what the hell was that? They are the old remnants of the city, some say they were fighters caught here when the cave collapsed and died here, others say it was the families of the city that suffered when the armies from above attacked the city. I’m not sure of which one, but don’t look over the wall, you’ll lose more than a shot to your shoulder next time. As Thadius gathered their belongings, he looked at Noneki and Sage and decided that they would sleep by the castle walls for the night, so they found a worn-out barracks and closed themselves in for the night. The next morning Thadius awakes and makes food for the three of them, upon hearing the sizzling noises and smells Sage and Noneki wake up. What’s that said Noneki, it’s rabbit baking over the firepit, announced Thadius, we need a great meal before we can get back on the road, we’ve got to get out of here. So Noneki and Sage packed up, as Thadius finished the cooking, and they all eat quickly, when they finished they started the long walk to the Castle, but not before they all took a single last look over the wall, as they peered down countless lifeless bodies were lying on the ground in the cave, somewhat awakened, “well there is no going back gentlemen, “ Thadius said, as they walked down onto the road towards the castle. 

As the path went through various hills and valleys, they finally came to the main Castle. As Noneki and Sage approach the gate to the castle, Thadius remembers, this castle is the legend of old. My father used to tell me stories about the last dragon from underneath the ground, these dragons weren’t like the dragons that fly around today, they were ancient beasts, some say they could talk. These dragons had very heavy scales and thick armor plating bones. The last known dragon took keep in this castle many years ago. This is Lathuoneon Castle. Desperate to leave and head back the other way, Thadius replies “guys, this was such a longtime ago, there’s no way that dragon is still living. “Realizing how silly it sounded to both of them, they nodded and agreed with Thadius, and continued to the main door into the castle. As they all peered up, they saw the castle completely covered in obsidian, and netherrack with carvings on the walls making statues of dragons throughout the castle wall. Wow, this is an amazing castle exterior said Noneki. As the group slowly opened the heavy castle door, panting and breathing heavily as the castle doors slowly slide open right in front of their eyes laid treasure beyond measure. Golden cubes stashed for miles, diamonds just spurred about, and iron filling the halls throughout the room. As Thadius’ eyes look over to the one shinning emerald glass window, he catches some words that appear at first to make faint sense, but suddenly without even noticing they appeared in a language he understood. “I didn’t know you could still read ancient dwarf Thadius,” I didn’t either Noneki, I could've sworn those powers weakened or disappeared a while ago. But as he draws closer he blows off the dust from the sign to read: 

"Here lies danger, Riches come with a price, leave quickly don't awaken what slumbers beneath," Here the dead keep their place.

Unaware of what Thadius read, Noneki and Sage open the hallway door, immediately swarms of zombies, goblins and skeletons come rushing into the room. Sage using his shotgun bow, starts blowing zombies away, while Noneki is slashing as best he can, as Thadius comes rushing in with a sweeping blow. Stunned by what just happened, Noneki yells,”who the hell plants a trapdoor with the undead?” As Thadius parts a way for Noneki, Noneki runs to shut the door. Catching his breath Thadius says ok let’s o back to the main city maybe there’s a way to get back above ground. Without hesitation Noneki and Sage walk over to the main door, both pushing as hard as they can, “it’s locked my king.” Thadius thinking in his head there’s no time to panic, as his father told him, “a leader finds a way through tough times, and he does it remarkably well.” Thadius picks up the reigns on the mule, and ties him off in the castle entrance. As the mule was tied off Noneki and Sage carry the equipment as Thadius carries the trade for Gardule. They start to search around for a hidden gate or tunnel, anything that in Noneki’s words could “get them the hell out of there.” 

[i][i]<To be continued>...[/i][/i]

RE: Melrakki Chronicles, the tale of the Hidden City - Ajaxan - 04-27-2019

Do y'all have any plans to build this hidden city? We don't get many underground builds and this one sounds like it could be awesome!