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"medicinal" substances suggestion - Adara_ - 02-06-2019

Psychoactive substances have been grown by humans since time immemorial, and with the potential complexity and added entertainment it could bring why not sprinkle in some of the uses and substances that our ancestors cultivated for "fun". They could provide some benefits with of course some of the general drawbacks you might expect.

Growing drugs:
With the implementation of the agriculture plugin one could add new plants such as opium poppies, cannabis plants, etc in. However unlike a regular crop like corn or cotton drug plants would be labor intensive to grow. Drugs would unlike the other crops actually be able to be harvested at any time after it's planting, however the highest quality product would only be obtainable if the plant was harvested in the right growth phase. This would mean that would be drug farmers to do a little bit of experimenting to discover when certain plants deliver the highest quality product, and it would also mean that those wishing to grow the highest quality drugs would have to constantly monitor their product so that they could get the strongest drugs. 

Selling drugs:
Much like there are booze vendors and smugglers in npc towns there would be drug merchants. In most circumstances however unlike their smuggler cousins these merchants would most likely be in more populated areas as selling drugs within the sort of time period that the server is in wasn't exactly illegal.  These merchants would likely be the same merchants who trade for spice and silk. For pricing both in the ancient world and in the modern era the amount of value your drugs had had a correlation with how strong they were. So if you had strong product you could expect a fairly nice sum for your efforts, however if you simply planted and harvested you could expect next to nothing. Like regular merchants the drug buying merchant would also have a limited number of drugs they'd buy each day to keep things balanced.

Uses for drugs:
Now obviously not everyone is going to want to sell all their drugs some may want some other uses for their drugs. The first and most obvious use is taking the drugs. Drugs could have effects that very from person to person from giving buffs to magic damage to healing a bunch of hearts rapidly. These useful side effects would also be paired with some not so useful ones. You could also use drugs to tip darts that could be used on an unsuspecting player, mob, or your friends. Both of these things would be effected by the quality of the drugs with the effect potency, and a dart dud chance would directly correlate to the quality of drugs.

Drug debuffs:
 After a certain amount of dosages (probably 2) or after being hit once with a drugged dart you will start to experience some side effects. For example as a mild hallucination you might see all the blocks around you as colorful concrete blocks, where as a high end hallucination would see you seeing players, mobs, walls where they don't exist. Aside from hallucinations you might also start to experience rapid hunger bar drain due to excessive puking, nausea, and slowness. You may also fall asleep (possible with the disguise plugin) and be unable to move. If a mob is hit by a drugged dart it might also experience some odd side effects, Some mobs might run for water as if they were on fire, some might attack imaginary opponents. You might also be able to sedate mobs and transport them back to your base in order to make a zoo.