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Zalkeor/ Nevarthian Alliance Agreement - Odin_Drenwin - 09-25-2018

Alliance agreement between the nations of the Nevarthian Empire and Zalkeor

Article 1: Military
     This document enables a military alliance between the Nevarthian Empire and Zalkeor.

Section 1: this document defines a military alliance as military assistance and information between the signed parties

Section 2: this document defines military information as coords, maps, blueprints, and warfare designs.

Section 3: this document defines military assistance as assisting the other signed parties with weaponry, men, and food if requested.

Article 2: economy
     This document enables an economic alliance between the signed parties.

Section 1: economic alliance in this document is defined as assisting the signed parties in time of economic downfall.

Section 2: economic downfall is defined as the nation's coffers are under 1000 g or the nation is in debt.

Section 3: economic assistance defined in this document is helping the other signed party with food, money, resources, and building supplies.

Article 3:  this document can be amended at any point by holding a meeting between the leaders of the signed parties. These meetings will be held in Fort Zeraithia. If any part of this treaty is broke  by either signed party the treaty will be broken off.

King of Nevarthian Empire

Queen of Nevarthian Empire

Leader of Zalkeor

Passed by the Nevarthian Throne on the 259th day of timberfall 425 ACE