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A List of Suggestions (Part 3?) - Kypen - 09-08-2018

As always, insane suggestions (inspired by many things) and would love feedback. :)

Contracts are a form of agreement that is made in-game and with terms, that are enforced by Staff.
They can be anything, from bounties, construction or destruction, treaties, etc.
Contracts are written by the player and witnessed by a staff member if it is an action deemed serious enough.
Contracts can be canceled upon failing to meet the conditions of the said contract with the offender being punished.
This idea is inspired by contracts with devils and whatnot, allowing for easier transactions and whatnot. This concept allows for the punishment of players that renege on deals in a formal way and they can also try and find loopholes if the contract is written poorly.

Banks Reworked:
Banks but they will function similar to real life ones. They can loan out exp and gems but at an interest rate. You can also deposit gems and exp that will gain interest. If you don't meet the loan terms on time, you cannot access an NPC town that has a bank in it, guards will actively target you. The bank will also have a vault feature where they store your items, but you can only get your items from that vault specifically. Vaults are not the same across towns and there is a maximum of items it can hold. Players can siege NPC towns to try and rob the bank.

Town Ruins:
When nations fall, their town doesn't just stay behind. The towns (one by one) will undergo a preset process of changing blocks (grass to coarse dirt or podzol or path blocks, vines, stone bricks to cracked stone bricks and mossy stone, cobblestone to mossy cobblestone, etc.) and most of the buildings will have holes in them or destroyed partially. Chests, furnaces, and other blocks with storage capabilities will lose most of their original items. Signs lose letters. This will leave something behind for newcomers that they can scavenge for spare items and rebuild buildings.

Custom Potions:
Clone potion that leaves behind a clone of yourself that disappears after a moment.
Camouflage potion that instantly turns you and your surroundings into nature.
Body swap potion that lets you 'switch bodies' with someone - you get their inventory they get yours, both sides have to drink the potion.
Disguise potion that lets you change your in-game appearance.
Chorus Fruit potion that lets you tp randomly. Cannot be used on nation claims.
Polymorph potion that lets you change into a random mob. You lose your inventory upon drinking this potion.
Fire potion that sets you on fire.

Duel Arena Reworked:
Duels can accommodate up to 5v5s. Duel arena should have a preparation phase for laggy peeps. The preparation phase allows the players to choose the map and the kits that they want to use - Unarmed, Drunken Barfight, Elytra Dogfight (really fun), Naval Battle (this one is preferably a 2v2 fight), Iron Kit, Mad Mage, Alchemist. Pets should also be enabled and somehow implemented into duels for 'Pokémon Battles.' There can be more than 4 duels happening at once. Players should also be able to spectate on duels without the need to go to Nauru. Duels should also allow for bets to be made on the winner the betting ratio is automatically adjusted for arena wins and losses and the total pool that spectators put in. The competitors can also deposit gems or items as a betting term.

Agriculture Reworked:
These tools allow for higher efficiency in farming. I get that Atlas hates automation but improvements on technology are inevitable in real life so...
Scythes - lets you sweep ahead of you in a 1x3 fashion, breaking crops
Knives - lets you instant-break the newer crops that are fruits
Crook - sticks, and apples have a higher chance of dropping from leaves
Wooden Bucket - lets you move water but not lava
You can genetically modify crops by selectively breeding them, similar to how horses can be bred to attain the stats that you want.
You can obtain saps by creating drains on trees.

Magical Crops:
These are rare plants and herbs that can be found in the wild in dangerous places (preferably naturally spawning dungeons) or high mountains or deep oceans. Magical crops can be used to brew potions or eaten raw. When eaten raw, the effects aren't as extraordinary, but if brewed correctly, the effects would be outstanding, although the drawback/debuff would be bigger. Magical crops cannot be replanted for further cultivation and they will eventually lose their effects if not used after obtaining it. This feature will encourage exploration and add an interesting twist to PvP.

Cartography Add-on:
You can tour around Atlas 'surveying' land and creating different styles of maps, whether it is elevation, nations, biomes, etc. Waypoints can be marked on the map - you don't have to physically build something to mark a spot. Maps do not update unless you visit that location again to make a new map. Maps can be titled without the need to go to an anvil, along with a lore line that has the author of the map on it (like a book and quill).

Mob Mechanics:
Chickens lay multiple eggs and chicks hatch from them, a nest (furniture) would be cool. Pigs have multiple piggies in their litter (5-25). Polar bears give birth to two. Cows can only produce a certain amount of milk. Just to match up with real-world statistics on animals in general. Animals take longer to grow up and are required to be fed and taken care of. Animals can die from sickness and old age. Animals spawn more frequently and breed naturally in the wild around certain ages. Animals will fight back if hurt or run away quickly. More mobs will interact with each other, such as endermen and endermites in vanilla, cats and creepers and chickens, wolves and sheep, guardian and squids, etc. Mobs will also have variations in stats (like horses) and do different amounts of damage. Mobs can be classified into different tiers based on their stats and will show as part of their name. Certain mobs will eat crops (block). Mobs do not spawn naturally - there's only a fixed amount of mobs that will spawn - meaning that endangered mobs are truly endangered. Monsters should not just appear out of nowhere. Instead, they should walk out from ruins or open dungeons of some sort. Monster spawn rates should also be lowered and make the monsters themselves stronger. Maybe change drops to include gems? More monsters would be cool, doesn't even have to be original, just stereotypical RPG type enemies. Would also be cool if we had bandits that have some AI coded to make them hard to fight (strafing, repositioning with bows before going into close-combat).

Custom Mob Ideas:
Mimics/Shapeshifters - Acts like a normal block/mob until you get close enough to become their prey
Brain worm - A slime that attaches itself to any nearby mob's head, making the mob have better AI
Chicken army - Exactly what it sounds like
Rat (Silverfish) when you interact with blocks such as doors or chests
Stonebeast - Mob that eats away at redstone
Fairy - Steals Lapiz Lazuli from chests and leaves behind something else (a tooth maybe? lol)
Voidspawn - A very fast scary monster with armor. Maybe they come from the Void, who knows.
Goblins - A greedy mob that will steal your gems
Elves - Hunters that will kill you on sight (unless you do a quest I guess)
Vealion - Mob that dumps water on your head to slow you down before killing you
Lost Boys - Tricksters that plays harmless pranks
Bandit - Highwaymen that will kill you for your loot
Snakes that grow after eating an item
Chitters - They start off small and move very fast with low hp but grow big and slow with a massive health pool
Vengeful Spirit - Players have a chance, upon dying, to spawn a vengeful spirit that will kill all nearby mobs
Fat Cat - Randomly spawns and despawns, if a player gives the Fat Cat gems, they may get something in return :)
Fate Merchant - Randomly pops up in towns and you can make trades by using 'karma' to unlock cosmetics

Reforging and Grindstones:

Weapons such as axes and swords will deteriorate and become dull, losing attack damage on the base stats of the weapon itself. An addition to anvils, grindstones allows you to repair tools to a certain extent, adding sharpness back to a weapon, and durability to tools. Only works on metal weapons and tools. Weapons and tools can also be 'recycled' by reforging them (putting them in a smeltery furnace) to give back one ingot of that original item.

Natural Disasters:
Okay, I know how annoying it is to make it so but it doesn't have to be anything major like tornados and earthquakes.
Drought - Dries up all water in a biome for a period of time and disable crop growth
Volcanos - lava flows and erupts
Sinkholes/Cave-in's - Remove a cylindrical section of the world if there's a cave beneath or something
Blood Moon (?) - Makes monsters way stronger
Plague/Disease - Mobs get sick
Invasion of ___ - Event where a certain custom mob will be attacking/spawning more frequently that normally wouldn't
Toxic Rain - Rain hurts

Alchemy Reworked:
Splits up alchemy into poisons and medicines.
Constant use of potions (with positive buffs) builds up immunity. You have to rest for your immunity to return to normal.
Poisons are further split into two main categories of instant poison and slow acting poison. Instant poison can be Instant Damage, Poison, Wither. Slow acting ones are only triggered when the player does certain actions such as running, jumping, mining, etc. and receiving debuffs (running gives you slowness, jumping gives you nausea, and so forth). These concoctions are made from various materials and combinations to achieve different levels of lethality. Being poisoned by different doses of increasingly strong poison can lead to an immunity but if you frequently take doses you can overdose. Poison immunity cannot be built to perfection meaning that poison will always have an effect no matter what. Poison can be applied on both arrows and weapons.

Painting will be a plugin that lets you doodle on maps - similar to how the scratch card plugin functions that use a map and cursor to scratch away cards, players will be able to hold an item in their offhand and draw using the dyes in their inventory. Tools that can be equipped in the offhand include brush, pen, pencil, crayon, and different size settings for all of them. The dye closest to slot number one in the hotbar will be used. Paintings can be multi-size if you choose to put them in a 2x2 item frame setup.

Musical Instruments:
With the introduction of new furniture, there has ought to be one that can function like an instrument! I'm thinking of using /playsound commands with different pitches or simply just jukebox sounds to create a percussion instrument that you can play! Instruments can be played using the 9 hotbar slots, 1-8 being different notes and 'w' and 'a' switching between different octaves, with 's' going back to the middle C, 'd' is the pedal key. Scores can also be arranged, they are crafted using paper and a Composer's Table to create music sheets. Scores are arranged in a UI that will only store up to 10 different notes per page, making you have many different pages to have a complete a song.

Atlas Shop Ideas:
Pet tricks - Ever wanted to make your dog run in a circle? To make your cat chasing a mouse? Pet tricks will allow you to show off your pets by letting to perform emotes!
Cosmetic Skins (really bad idea but hey, maybe).
Sell one use emotes - items that let you emote once like Patreon peeps.
Enhanced survival effects - Coming out of water shows the water drip animation, etc.

Angling Expansion:
Alright, I know that the fishing plugin is not something custom coded and would be a pain to edit, but here:
New obsidian rod lets you fish in lava. What might you find? Who knows.
Make Fisherman sell enchanted rods as well as the normal Angling Rod, and fish to use as bait. Alternatively, add in a new off-hand item called lures, with the qualities of low to high grade.

Combat Skills:
Introduce stamina so that it's possible to overwhelm somebody in high tier armor while having multiple players in low tier ones.
   Lunge - Dash forward by right clicking while sprinting
   Parry - Right click - lessens the damage and resets your weapon cooldown
   Roll - Lets you back up a couple blocks by punching your opponent with the bow in the main hand
   Bash - Briefly stuns the enemy when hitting the enemy with a shield equipped in the main hand
   Cleave - Right click to wind up (cannot attack while 'winding up') to deliver a heavy chop and it increases weapon cooldown and gives slowness
   Wild Spin - Rotating the POV at a steady pace, the player can unleash a spin attack

NPCs and Vendors Suggestions:
Custom player shops should have NPCs running the stalls that you hire with gems.
Cutscenes in quests (lets you see the map or boss I guess?).
NPCs emote during conversations to demonstrate their emotions.
Vendors that sell books that gives the player information about Atlas (Monster Index, Biomes & Crops, etc.).
Vendors have 'open' and 'close' times where their shops will be accessible.

Enhanced Survival:
Everyone hates these suggestions. /shrug
When you're on fire, it has a chance to spread to nearby blocks. Nearby blocks that are on fire also has a chance to spread onto you even without full contact.
Mining should be 'slowed down' (mining fatigue) to encourage more cave exploration instead of just strip mining.
You have a chance to get tired if you don't sleep. Insomnia induces negative effects.
You can 'bleed' to death if you become mortally wounded (dealt more than 4 hearts of damage).
Food items spoil. You can keep them fresh (or from rotting) longer by placing them in chests near ice blocks.
Being hungry can give you negative effects due to starvation.
Custom trees from saplings.
Paths begin to naturally form on frequented roads.
Undead are only killable with the help of fire.
Add in parkour mechanics.
When you die you leave behind a body instead of just dropping all your items.

Misc. Mechanics:
[*]An elemental spell that lets you make a sphere of air underwater.
[*]Interactive structures - castle gates and drawbridges.
[*]Texture pack should have astrology features - stars with set positions.
[*]Make chainmail craftable from smeltery (unless there's already a recipe).
[*]Pose armor stands with arms.
[*]I saw this and I can't help it - it'd be awesome for a certain quest.
[*]Excavate ruins and tombs for loot.
[*]Settlements that have villagers that can 'fall' due to zombies.
[*]Dream dimension (like from Witchery) that people can meet up and chat and can teleport to each other.
[*]A quest where you physically escort a caravan to another location, fending off hordes of monsters and bandits.
[*]UI to make customized banners in the game.
[*]A quiver that can be crafted from tannery hides.