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Apex Federation Department of Education - Whisperer195 - 08-11-2018

Apex Federation Department of Education

Section 1:
            This act establishes the Department of Education, created to help acclimate new Citizens to Atlas and the Apex Federation.

Section 2:
            The creation of a new Government position called “The Scribe”, who shall be in charge of nation lore, will create books to teach citizens various skills and general knowledge, and act as a record keeper.

Section 3:
            Books and other nation information shall be stored in “The Center of Knowledge”, a great library located in the city of R’lyeh.

Section 4:
            The scribe is a semi-permanent position and shall be chosen by the Senate. Every three months The Scribe will be evaluated; only if they have neglected their position will they be replaced. The location of the library will also be decided in a similar manner.

Section 5:
            ShardianPreston will serve as the Apex Federations first scribe and will retain the power to choose others to serve with him should he deem them worthy. This power may be revoked, following the process outlined in section 4.