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Alchemy Pills - Kypen - 08-09-2018

Not really necessary but it'd be cool to have because why not.
(I'm really dumb.)
Based off of Chinese fantasy/mythology.

Alchemical pills allow the user to wield immense strength for a brief moment before entering a heavily weakened stage.

What it does:
Single stack items that can be immediately consumed (like KitPvP mushroom soup). The pills grant the user some sort of buff (the buff will not be that strong, but it will be enough to make a difference in one fight) for maybe 10-25 seconds before entering a 'weakened' (slowness, weakness, blindness, and a bunch of other debuffs) period for 15-20 mins that persist even upon death. Pills' effects can stack and you can intake multiple types of pills at once, but you have an extremely high chance of instantly dying from poisoning or receive the debuffs early. The buff also comes with a debuff when consumed at the beginning in addition to the weakened state debuffs the debuffs shouldn't be too strong.

Examples (all will enter a state of weakness after the duration of the buff):
Strength + Slowness
Resistence + Poison
Absorption + Wither
Speed + Weakness

Crafted from normal potions and other ingredients at a cauldron (similar to how barrels are made/used).

RE: Alchemy Pills - _Desertdweller_ - 08-09-2018

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure there are plans to do this with normal potions.