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The Fall from Grace: Prologue & Chapter One - Asymphir - 08-07-2018

The Fall from Grace

[This is OOC, but just a little OOC introduction to this story. This is the story of Asymphir and his return from disappearance, along with the revival of his nation. It’s also an introduction to the name change of The Asarian Empire, and will, within the story, explain the ideals behind the name change. The background story of Asymphir and his time up until this point will come at a later time.]


As the mountainous waves and the powerful, thundering storm faded, sunlight started shining, and the clouds of the heavens could be seen again. ‘Tis was a sight that could lighten the darkness in any man’s heart, even those plagued by the betrayal and pain inflicted upon them. As the man in control of the oars within the rugged canoe that endured endless storms looked upon this very heavenly sight, even he was filled with light and hope. Alas, ‘twas only a temporary light cast upon vast shadows, and as he grew accustomed to the view and sailed towards his unfinished gem, dark thoughts returned.

As the man approached the walls of said gem, Ancalima, the sentries stationed upon the walls saw the rugged man. Shouts could be heard, with words that could not properly be understood at such a distance. As he drew closer with painfully slow strokes, he saw a figure he hadn’t seen in a long time perched upon the wall, ordering the few people amongst the defenses to help the man. The man evidently was exhausted, and was slowly slumping over as his journey was coming to a close. As the rugged canoe struck against the stone of the wall, the man had enough energy to look up and see the face of the mysterious figure upon the walls, to recognize him as one of his closest friends, Litchgath.

His eyes flashed recognition before fading, but before he had fully fallen unconscious, he heard Litch shout, “Asymphir?! It’s our King, he’s returned! The gods have returned him to us!”. The last thing he remembered was hitting the bottom of the canoe as he passed out.

Chapter One
Friends Reunited

Asymphir awoke to the sounds of loud voices, one of which he recognized as Litch’s. As he opened his eyes, he noticed that he was in his old bedchambers. Slowly sitting up, a groan escaped at the feeling of his sore muscles all stretching and moving. The voices so loud before now silenced, the door to Sym’s bed chambers opened and Litch peered in.

“You’re awake! Where have you been?! How are you?! We have missed you! Why are you back?!”, Litch exploded upon the sight of Sym sitting up in bed, quickly pacing towards his bedside.

“Woah there buddy, slow down… I may be awake, but I still feel a little bit out of it. How long have I been out?”, Sym said weakly smiling up at him.

“A few days, you must be hungry and thirsty… Let me get you a meal fit for a king, something I’m sure you have not been able to enjoy in a long time!”, replied the eager noble of the Empire.

Asymphir nodded in gratitude, and laid his head back. 

--- ✦ ---

Litch observed with a grin as Sym dug into the heaping plate in his lap, devouring everything. “So what has happened since I’ve been gone?” Sym said, pausing his engorging for but a brief moment. 

“New wars being raged, Athera ever growing and changing, new ways of making money, and all sorts of craziness since you’ve been gone. Some of our past allies have suddenly disappeared as well, entire civilizations fading from the present Athera. There’s a lot of catching up to do for you, along with finally explaining why you disappeared. ”, Litch explained.

“Wow… I see that, I truly have missed a lot...… As for my disappearance, explanation shall come eventually. How about the nation, how does it fare?”, replied Sym.

“I have maintained the coffers. Our food supply is steady, but we do not have many left for our cause. Quite a few have disappeared as you have, or simply just abandoned us when we lost our guiding leader. What were once legions commanded now remain but a small and humble force, enough to defend our borders. But if war were to come, we would be hard pressed. Our citizens grow weary, and the nation’s overall morale is low. Although, with your return, the morale shall skyrocket, and many people will flourish under the newfound energy they receive from your return. Many stand outside your very door, wishing to hear of you and of your disappearance.”, he responded, smiling as he finished.

“I appreciate the work you have put in to maintain the nation, and for the report. You truly have not failed me nor this nation, and you make us all proud. Alas, my attentions now fall to more… personal concerns. Where is Zonath? I want to see him, and be sure that his health has not fallen to ruin.”, replied Sym.

Upon finishing his words, the door to Sym’s bedchambers slowly opened, revealing the man Sym seeked, Zonath. “So it really is true huh, you’re back…”, he quietly said, looking deep into Sym’s eyes.

“Yes, I am back, and I’m sorry for having disappeared, leaving you in charge of the nation… I’m sure that must have been difficult for you.”, said Sym apologetically.

“That doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you’re back, and we have hope to yet again prosper. I did my job, keeping the nation running with the help of Litch. Now it is time for you to retake your mantle and do yours.”, he promptly replied.

Sym grinning, replied, “Ahh how I have missed the candidness brothers share… I have missed you both, and I hope to relieve the strains I originally burdened you both with. But, there is just one more favor I would ask you both of.”

Both men looked at each other, and then to Sym with questioning faces. “Hold leadership of the nation for but a little longer… I know you have just gotten me back, but I must make a journey to our lands in the Dunsmoor. I hope to seek out the peace my heart desires, and to properly make sure the nation will prosper yet again under my rule.”, answered Sym.

“Explain?”, said Zonath curtly.

Nodding, Sym replied, “I hope to survey the lands in the Dunsmoor to build a citadel. A citadel of hope that will reignite the passion of our nation, and assure our people a safe place in a time of pain and danger. With this, I plan to establish a new era of our nation. And when I arrive back in Ancalima, we shall ride under a new banner, a new name.”

While speaking, their faces had turned to those of resolve, the faces of the loyal men that made leadership of the nation something so much easier to bear. “You do what you must, Sym. We shall hold to your expectations, I look forward to this new future..”, replied Litch.

Nodding, Zonath continued, “Just make sure you come back this time, and make sure you come back in one piece. I don’t think I can stand losing you just after I’ve gotten you back.”.

Grinning, Sym nodded and softly spoke, “You are the best brothers a man could ask for…”.

As both men stood up from Sym's bed, heading towards the door to let their king rest, Zonath asked one final question, "By the way... You spoke of renaming our nation. What is to be our name?".

Showing a proud glint in his eyes, Sym replied, "Half-brother to death, child of shadow and darkness. Containing its own gleam of light, within the dreams and fantasies of sleep, always forever reaching towards those very images of slumber. We shall truly become the slumbering giant. Somnus, that is to be the name.".