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Eternia, the land of Immortality - Paraboilc - 07-06-2018


Eternia is a nation crested in ice and coated in snow.

Eternia has a single leader, which is myself, Paraboilc. I would like to open my doors to anyone that may be interested in assisting 

me with my nation's affairs, anything from building, being a soldier or a supplying member of my society.

My nation has done very well thus far, being able to claim a spot as one of the more profitable nations to settle upon Athera,

howeveit can only do so well without help.

If you wish to take my side, in  times of peace or in war, you can message Paraboilc #0155 in discord or attempt to get my

 attention when im out in the world, best of luck, and For the glory of Eternia.