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Arcane Aid - Phaedragon - 03-17-2017

Quest: Arcane Aid

Task: Show the Strange Elixir and the Coded Note to Archmage Rholla at the Mages' Guild in Nauru.

Problem: Can't actually turn in the potion and note. 

Coded Note (Paper) x 1 is not a required item for this quest!

Glass Bottle x 1 is not a required item for this quest!

It might be because I did not Achemage Rholla's first quest The Basics of Magic. No idea but I can't finish or complete my quest because I can't turn in the items to Rholla.


RE: Arcane Aid - Ajaxan - 03-17-2017

We will look into this, thanks for the report!

RE: Arcane Aid - Iyoforeayo - 03-22-2017

Thanks for the report! This should be fixed now. I also changed the Strange Elixir to an item you can't throw and shatter if you miss the Archmage