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Apex - Whisperer195 - 06-26-2018

Hello all, my name is Whisperer195, the current President of the Apex Federation.  Apex is a vast empire comprised of many different peoples living all across Athera. Each town functions autonomously but are under the control of one central government elected by the nation’s citizens. If you want more detail about our government structure, see the link below.

       Our nation prides itself on freedom and diversity and would love to welcome more players into our ranks. New citizens may live in one of our current towns, or create their own as part of the Apex Federation and rule over it as governor. Many groups have joined us instead of creating their own nation, as standing together, we can achieve more. All of our citizens work together towards common goals but have their own belongings, towns, and ways of achieving said goals.

       Ever since I have joined Atlas, I have been concerned with the well-being of new players, and my ideals have yet to change. Even if Apex is only a temporary home, I will teach you everything I know and send you on your way, to found a new nation or join another. It is my hope you will enjoy the community I have created and stay with us, but you have the freedom to choose what you enjoy.

       If you are interested in joining Apex, please contact me on discord or in-game, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like a base tour, that can be set up as well.        

New players, feel free to ask me for help or advise, I am always there for you. 

In my opinion, we are stronger together, in one nation, working towards one goal, to build a better community. 
Thank you for reading, and good luck. 

[Image: 2018-07-13_15.07.23.png][Image: 2018-07-13_15.07.38.png][Image: 2018-07-13_15.07.53.png][Image: 2018-07-13_15.08.48.png]

RE: Apex - AxioPrepya - 08-12-2018

beautiful work

RE: Apex - Adara_ - 08-12-2018

any pics without shaders?