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Log Of the Otaku - LightOtaku - 06-13-2018

316th day of Cryos
421 ACE

 Many seasons have passed since the loss of our tanner and maniac miner, and life had returned to near normal, with Yoohee taking over as our nation's main tanner. Life was much slower with the lack of manpower and the construction of  The great wall was greatly delayed.


"What the... Holy... Wait this can't be right.... Brandonwmx?"

"Um well duh it's me. Who else could it be?"

"But that's impossible! We all saw you and Rekizz being consumed by the plague!"

"Plague? What plague? I'm pretty sure I would know if I was dead... I mean it's literally me so.... All I know was that I was busy trying to gather materials for tannery so..."

"So you're saying you can't remember anything after that?"

"Well no."

Strange circumstances have caused Brandonwmx to have come back from what we had all thought was permanant death, and having lost his memories right before his death... He seems perfectly normal but the rest of us were under the consensus that we would have to keep a close eye on this newly revived "Brandonwmx"

"So ummm I kinda remodeled and moved into what used to be your house so..... I mean it looks much nicer so thats a plus, right? WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT TNT??!!!"

Log Of the Otaku - LightOtaku - 06-13-2018

343rd day of Cryos 
421 ACE 

Entry 2:
Yoohee recently found a temporal distortion that allows entities within a certain area to cheat death and return to a predetermined spot. I can see him building something around it from my smeltery but I can't quite tell what it is... 
Update: he's apparently built a sumo arena within the distortion area and has invited all of us to come sumo around. Sounds like fun! 
Update 2: we are all shoving each other off the platform and the distortion safely teleports us back to the outside of the area. We've all dropped what we've been doing and are currently just messing around on the platform. :D 
Update 3: some time after we started messing around, Asymphir the sentinal suddenly appeared and banned us from abusing the distortion due to the disturbances it caused to other people everytime it teleported us. Welp guess that's the end of that... Back to experimentation....

RE: Log Of the Otaku - longfellow4 - 07-15-2018

Best ending update ever.