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History Of Circle Line - LightOtaku - 06-12-2018

Aesthethicc and big buildings above all else. 

There is a long forgotten race of people that once lived in the land of athera. A eccentric race that prioritized aesthetic over functionality and volume over tactical value. Well of course with this kind of mindset this race was rapidly culled off and its remnents have long since migrated or abandoned their teachings. Their architectural wonders and works have art have either been taken apart for their materials or degraded over the years. On the dawn of the 181st day of timberfall, 417 ACE, the group circle line was founded out of nowhere. 
Circle line is composed of a small group of students to this forgotten people, 3 maniacs, IRushz, Yoohee and LightOtaku, who enjoy building really big things, AC2003, who is apparently good at making small houses look amazing and Jummyc, that just dies. Alot. Marina bay, the new millennium, started out when 2 idiots thought it was a good idea to start a town where trees don't grow naturally and where leviathans constantly give people mining fatgue. As time went on, this group of maniacs decided that building large things was their enjoyment. And so they went on to build the great Tower S, the grey isles boat track, the black diamond: stadium, the great wall and most recently the sister tower to Tower S, The BLO tower, both which form the legendary Twin Towers of SLOB. Since the formation of circle line, the group have been through many ups and downs. Between the 317th day of timberfall, 418 ACE, and the 469th day of Lakeshine, 421 ACE, Circle line faced a terrible plague known as ACSAMEANATIONS that caused most members to retreat underground and permantly killed our local Tanner and our greatly valued miner. The repercussions were immense and resulted in the near disbandment of the nation due to debt. However, Circle Line has bounced back and is now back to its shennanigan building. 

Circle line is mostly neutral and generally keeps to themselves. We are, however open to trades and alliances. Our hope is that circle line's history will continue long into the future and we hope to construct bigger and better structures that will probably have no purpose. 

P. S. Please sponser us with materials so we can continue with our useless construction.

RE: History Of Circle Line - longfellow4 - 07-15-2018

I'd love to see more of your guys' relics on Atlas! If you want any help just message me on discord (Long#7537)