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The Yukrovian Election: Meet the Candidates - Iyoforeayo - 05-15-2018

Art by Falksi
Frame Graphics by Dnw7
Characters by Falksi & Turtlemaster01
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Candidate #1:
Zima Guseinev

Biography: Zima grew up in the countryside surrounding Yukrovia with her family, who fought in the Battle of the Blue Valley. Having a military family history aided well in her studies in Yukrovia, and she soon become a Northern Historian. Zima is friend to Yukrovian and Valderkal alike. While she doesn’t know much about the world’s issues outside of the north, she does know right from wrong, and wishes to lead her people into the next gilded age of knowledge!

Religious Affiliation: None

The Candidate's Platform: “We must expand our knowledge, and bring our country into the next age of enlightenment! We must start this by building a Great Library, to house all of Atlas’ knowledge!”

If Elected, This Candidate Will: Begin construction on a new world wonder, the Great Library of Atlas.

[Image: LZgGD9N.jpg]
Candidate #2:
Vladilen Ryabov

Biography: Not much is known about Vladilen’s mysterious family history. Many northerners believe Vladilen to be a descendant of a Vantian merchant and a Yukrovian shopkeeper, but any record of the Ryabov lineage seems to be missing from the city’s archives. Nonetheless, many  hail Vladilen as one of the best swordsmen in the north, and a hero of the Yukrovian Mountain Guard (having defended the city from many a vicious polar bear and wolf pack.)

Religious Affiliation: The Four 

The Candidate’s Platform: “We must expand the Yukrovian city limits, in order to fortify our holdings here in the Highlands, and revitalize our city’s infrastructure! It’s time the north showed the world its true strength!”

If Elected, This Candidate Will: Expand the city of Yukrovia, bringing new quests and jobs to the area.

[Image: Wvt8HMB.jpg]
Candidate #3:
Rurik Marisova

Biography: Rurik is a part of one of Yukrovia’s few prosperous merchant families. The Marisovas are quite wealthy, but have never held much political sway within the city-state. However, with Yukrovia being viewed as one of the poorer nations on Atlas in recent years, many believe electing a successful businessman will help boost the struggling economy.

Religious Affiliation: None

The Candidate’s Platform: “We must expand trade relations and commerce within the region, and make Yukrovia the economic powerhouse of the north! If elected, I promise to bring more merchants to our borders, and usher in a new age of prosperity for our people!”

If Elected, This Candidate Will: Unlock several new merchants within Yukrovia, as well as increase the rate at which Traveling Merchants frequent the city.

[Image: o7PnLal.jpg]
Candidate #4:
Kristina Karataev

Biography: A Purelaker by birth, Kristina left her home in Kimara Village after gaining interest in the Vantian-Dunsmoor conflicts in the east. Finding enlightenment in the teachings of Arkayos by way of the Shen religion, the Purelaker traveled north to Yukrovia to spread her teachings. Karataev preaches religious tolerance, and sermonizes a “new” worship of Arkayos, devoid of the barbaric rituals of old, and inclusive to all. While some northerners don’t trust anyone willing to call themselves Arkayo, others see her as an important uniting force for peace, and a way to close the book on a shameful, intolerant past.

Religious Affiliation: Church of Arkayos

The Candidate's Platform: “For Yukrovia to flourish amidst the tumultuous world outside the Highlands, we must first find religious tolerance within our own borders. Gone are the days of religious violence and ritual sacrifice. Let us find acceptance in our hearts, and focus our combined effort on the prosperity of our great city-state!”

If Elected, This Candidate Will: Construct the first public Church of Arkayos in Yukrovia, as a site of international religious tolerance.

RE: The Yukrovian Election: Meet the Candidates - turtlemaster01 - 05-17-2018

Yukrovia’s #1 News Source!


WIKTORIA ARLONG: Hello Northern Archive readers - I’m Head Editor Wiktoria Arlong. Today I am here with the lovely Zima Guseinev one of our candidates for leader of Yukrovia who we will be asking some questions to today. Well let’s get into these questions then shall we? Don’t want to keep you outside for very long. What is your stance on the Treaty of Telaria and it’s fairness to both sides?

ZIMA GUSEINEV: I have read the Treaty of Telaria and how it dealt with the Shen-Vantian conflict knowns as “The Great Trade War” and it seems to show any resulting conflict between these two nations after this treaty has not occurred so it stands to reason that the treaty of separating these two nations has worked well.

WA: Very analytical response. The next question comes from the citizens of Yukrovia. How do you feel about Yukrovia’s economic stability as a nation?

ZG: I know many people think that due to our location and our resources we are not an economic powerhouse like the cities of Port Qi’Shen, Eastwind, or The Crossing but I assure you we are still a unique and vital trading center for the residents of the north such as Drakonfell Prison and our hidden trading partner The Valderkal.

WA: Very politely put if I say so myself. So my question to you is what is your goal if you win the leadership of Yukrovia?

ZG: My over all goal as leader of Yukrovia is to fund an expansion of the library to make it one of if not the largest library in all of Athera. If we have all the knowledge in the world we will be able to predict and assess dangers before they reach our shores and deal with international crises as they happen.

WA: What do you think of the other three candidates running for office in Yukrovia?

ZG: I do not wish to speak ill of my fellow candidates. I would like to believe we as Yukrovians are all united in our cause of making Yukrovia a better place for all who live here.

WA: Fair enough and finally why are you trying to leader Yukrovia rather than pursue your passion of becoming a Northern Historian first?

ZG: The greatest way to gain knowledge is through experience. I want to take the experience I will gain from running this fair city and transform it into the next chapter in Northern History!

Yukrovia’s #1 News Source!


WIKTORIA ARLONG: Hello and good evening, readers. This evening we have with us Vladilen Ryabov another one of our candidates for Yukrovian Office and we are going to ask him some questions. So let us get into the questions shall we? What is your stance on the Treaty of Telaria and it’s fairness to both sides?

VLADILEN RYABOV: Thank you Wiktoria for inviting me to voice my mind about these issues. The Treaty of Telaria at the time it was made was slanted in favor of The Shen, and given my family history that I can trace back this lead to much hardship and grief for the people of The Vantian Empire. If elected I would advocate for a revision of the treaty to better treat all parties in hopes of preventing further conflict.

WA: Interesting... and how do you feel about Yukrovia’s economic stability as a nation?

VR: Yukrovia has not benefited from the sanctions placed on our closest trade partner The Vantians. Due to The Vantian Empire being poorer than they should be. Our nation has suffered and I for one have had enough. Yukrovia does not deserve this type of treatment, and it hasn’t helped that our wilds continue to remain dangerous and daunting to traveling merchants and settlers. If the sanctions were lifted then we as a nation could expand and our people could afford more items. Unless we expand our interior we won’t stand a chance.

WA: That's great to hear how you are willing to go and put forth the extra effort into making Yukrovia safe. With that in mind what is your goal as a candidate for office in Yukrovia?

VR: My goal is as leader of Yukrovia is to bring economic relief to the North by taming the north and expanding our reach on trade through expanding fortifications, gaining new trade deals, and expanding our homesteads around the Yukrovian Highlands. Having more infrastructure in our nation means we can have more people within our nation and gain more money.

WA: Wow thats a huge economic undertaking I sure hope we can afford it. What do you think of the other candidates running for office?

VR: I think Zima has a good mind for Yukrovia, but the only one qualified to lead this nation into prosperity is myself and possibly Rurik due to our similar ideas. Kristina is just strange to say the least. If she wins I have no idea how Yukrovia will look in the future.

WA: Many people within Yukrovia have been asking about your personal family history. Is there anything you can clear up or reveal?

VR: I can tell you that I served on the Yukrovian mountain patrol and my mother was a shopkeeper her in Yukrovia who met my father through her business, but other then that I am as clueless as you as to who my father is or was and who my mother’s extend family was. I do wish I could divulge more I do, but sadly that is all I know.

Yukrovia’s #1 News Source!


WIKTORIA ARLONG: Welcome readers to the Northern Archive once more. Today we are planning on interviewing Rurik Marisova another one of our candidates for Yukrovian leadership. Without further delay let us get into the questions shall we? Rurik what is your stance on the Treaty of Telaria and it’s fairness to both sides?

RURIK MARISOVA: Economically the treaty from my view probably saved both nations from being wiped from our books due to in part that if the conflict had continued both nation would have sunk economically before their troops surrendered, however I can see where certain parties may have been favored and dishonored and why that would be a source of tension.

WA: Hm. How do you feel about Yukrovia’s economic stability as a nation?

RM: Yukrovia does offer great trade deals to a certain group of people. If elected I hope to expand those options to better cover more people and earn this nation more money.

WA: That rolls perfectly into our next question being What are your goals as a candidate for office in Yukrovia?

RM: My goals are to expand Yukrovia’s trade reach into more nations around the world. We need to update our merchant center and work our diplomatic magic in achieving trade deals and earning money for this nation. My family for generations has tried to do this, but we have been restricted by Yukrovian legislation and if elected then that problem disappears.

WA: And what do you think of the other candidates running for office?

RM: I have a lot of respect for Vladlien’s approach to our issues. We need economic relief here in Yukrovia if we plan on surviving as a nation and entertain the possibility of competing on the world stage as some sort of economic power. The other candidates are too entrenched in personal quests for gain for them to be great leaders in my personal opinion, but I do hope if they win that they prove me wrong, because all I want is the best for the Yukrovian people and Yukrovia as a nation.

WA: Alright final question. Yukrovia has avoided merchant family influences due to not wanting to end up like a government style such as The Shen. While there system is not a bad system can you promise the Yukrvoian people that our government will be maintained?

RM: I  can assure the people of Yukrovia that I do not plan on radically changing Yukrovia. I merely mean to help it out and fix it up to make it and the world a better place!

Yukrovia’s #1 News Source!


WIKTORIA ARLONG: Welcome readers to our final installment of The Northern Archive election edition. We are sitting down with Kristina Karataev today in order to learn about this dynamic final candidate. Kristina let’s jump into this questions.  What is your stance on the Treaty of Telaria and it’s fairness to both sides?

KRISTINA KARATAEV: Those treaties restricted the natural order within the world. Such treaties are not beneficial to the advancement of our people. It is not treaties, but Faith, that will save us from destruction...

WA: Oook. Um. How do you feel about Yukrovia’s economic stability as a nation?

KK: The best way to help the economy of Yukrovia is to attract people of every walk of life no matter their background. By establishing some new organizations with Yukrvoia we maybe able to better improve our image as a nation and thus be able to improve the economy of Yukrovia from within.

WA: Alright and What is your goal as a candidate for office in Yukrovia?

KK: The goals I have from Yukrovia are for the betterment of the city and its people as a fair nation within the world stage. If we focus on unity we could bring us together and prevent any further unneeded conflict. Which is why I would focus on trying to start the first ever church of Arkayo up in the North here of Yukrovia.”

WA: What do you think of the other candidates running for office?

KK: I do not think any of the other candidates running for office are strong enough nor possess the skills needed to run this nation effectively and if we as a nation fail then we will fail our mission to the world which would be unfortunate.

WA: Final question I have today. Not being a native Yukrovian citizen and a follower of Arkayos has made many here… uneasy to say the least. Not to mention the rise in crime we have had recently. Is there anything you can tell the people of Yukrovia in order to bring them peace of mind in these somewhat turmulate times?

KK: The people of Yukrovia shouldn’t fear me if that's what you are suggesting. I want nothing more than to make this city a more tolerate place and to bring it out of the dark ages in regards to certain opinions of certain groups of people. If we can be viewed as a positive to the world then we can make this nation and our world better. Praise Arkayos and his teachings for guiding me and I hope I may educate the Yukrovian people on his teaches as well!