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Bug Report Outline - Ajaxan - 03-06-2017

Bug Report Outline

Description: Using this outline will help provide the quickest response to bugs by giving us the most information possible. Use of the form is not required (we want to hear about any bugs found!) but it is greatly encouraged.

Post Title:
Give the Bug Report a title that gives an idea of what it is about. Even if you describe the bug well, if we have no context, it may be hard to get it fixed.

Bug Description:
This is where to follow up with a full report of what the bug looked/acted like on the server. In this section describe the bug and give as much context as possible.

Time of Bug:
The most exact time you can give us of when the bug occurred. We have extensive logs of all activities of the server and a time can help us find it in the logs.

Place of Bug:
Tell us where on the server you were when the bug occurred. Were you in your town? Were you at spawn? knowing where the bug occurred tells us about what could have affected the situation.

What You Were Doing:
Tell us what exactly you were doing. What action were you trying to perform when the bug occurred? Were you typing commands? Were you simply walking along the beach? The action you took likely is a key part of why the bug occurred. This information is key.

What You Were Attempting to Do:
Tell us exactly what you were trying to do. This is a similar section to the above one, but it can provide us with more info into the context of the problem and perhaps give a clue into other possible causes for the bug.

Who was Involved:
Tell us who all was there to witness the bug. Multiple players can complicated scenarios and we need to be aware of any other possible variables.