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Atlas Veteran Suggestion Thread - TheYeller195 - 03-24-2021

Hello people of Atlas, I Merfrid(under a new forum name for a month xD) come to you with a rather unconventional suggestion thread for the server.

Many of us have been on Atlas for 3-4 years now and have seen the server grow so much, new updates, major changes in the community, players getting banned, players leaving, plugins, features, wars, many things have been witnessed by us Atlas veterans. To me I think there has been a huge elephant in the room on Atlas lately, an old elephant as well, I feel that the veterans in a way have been left behind in the rapidly growing developer speed for Atlas innovation and community growth, I know nothing may seem different to many other veterans but think about it this way; the map has been changed several times, all the great wars, events, and nations we have been in are in the past now and with so many things changing on Atlas it feels like a WW2 veteran in the modern world, everything that made us who we are is now fading into the background, I myself am an Atlas veteran experiencing this.

This is why I want to suggest an update but for Atlas community recognition in a way, something more than having the Vanguard role on the discord or becoming staff, something more pronounced; I am going to list some things below that will hopefully bring what I am thinking of here to Atlas itself and really give a blast from the past.

I. Being able to purchase chunks from previous maps, such as beta, alpha, or any other period from Atlas: A lot of us have had builds from the past maps that hold a lot of history, they were monuments for the entire server that really tell stories in themselves. For example, so many players have heard of the legendary cities and wars of Blothera vs Noctia but when they go on the map nobody sees it because those have been removed, there should be an option to restore these types of iconic places so that players can see what happened back in the golden age of Atlas when it was booming.

Perhaps either you can purchase chunks from previous maps or as an alternative maybe we can have museum worlds? Magic portals at Nauru that take you to eras such as Alpha or Beta, lore wise they can be the Naurulian magic way of telling history to younger generations of Atlians, maybe if this goes well an interactive tour can be made with descriptions of event and such.

II. Medal system from Atlas deeds, events, or wars: We should host ceremonies where we can award veterans with medals of sorts that in a sense honor players for recognition for things that they were apart of in Atlas history, things that inspire newer players to ask questions and learn about Atlas in a curious way. I know some events ca be controversial so perhaps we'd mention them but although we shouldn't ignore certain events perhaps maybe acknowledge the overall historical significance of it in an objective way.

I'm not sure what else to add but hopefully these things I've mentioned so far can give some ideas to any of you.

RE: Atlas Veteran Suggestion Thread - longfellow4 - 03-24-2021

can veterans declare war on the entire server

RE: Atlas Veteran Suggestion Thread - Ajaxan - 03-24-2021

Hey Merf, thanks for the suggestions, some of them we are planning to do in some way, shape, or form. However, there are some things you want here that there isn't much we can do about. You're experiencing bonafide nostalgia. A longing for a past viewed through a beginners eyes and rose tinted goggles. As is often the case, it'll never feel the same again. It sucks to say, but nothing ever beats that memory of your first time in one of your favorite games. 

Now that's not to say you can't still have loads of fun on Atlas, but you won't achieve it by reaching backwards longing for the past. Look forward to the future, being excited about fixes, updates, and more refined mechanics. Helping new players experience Atlas for the first time and helping grow the community.

1) Anyway, as for your suggestions, Athera may be big, but it isn't *that* big. As a result even if we did allow builds to be brought back world regen would remove them eventually anyway. We need to reuse and recycle the land on Athera so that everyone has a chance to build their own towns, and their own stories. Not forcing them to clear half finished and destroyed towns just to get started. That said, we have previously considered the idea of the "museum world" where players could look into the past worlds and essentially just explore. 

2) As for your second idea, we've also thought about that. In fact in an upcoming dev log we will be announcing a system that would allow us to do things like that.

Anyway Merf, hope this answers your questions and I hope you're able to remember Atlas's past fondly as I do myself but still look forward to just how much bigger and better it can be.

RE: Atlas Veteran Suggestion Thread - LoveArrow - 03-27-2021

The history of player lore and structures that already existed when I started playing on atlas were a big part that kept me staying.