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Merfrid's Investigation on the Shen - ramsesthe4th - 01-18-2021

It is a quiet time in the Port of Qi'Shen, Merfrid manages to sneak into Archmage library during the night and taking a dimly lit candle he looks around and sees the transaction book of Archmage from the time of the blotheran war in a leather book on her desk, he opens it and flips through the pages, the wax dripping from Merfrid's candle began to smell a bit but Merfrid was eager to see if the Shen had any mysterious dealings but he had found nothing yet. As he passed through the pages he saw the old kingdom of Blothera and New Derby on one part of the book, it showed that weapons, food, and gems were shipped to them regularly, and as he looked at the time frame, his face turned pale, this was during the time when Blothera began attacking Noctia. Shen had been paying the blotherans to raid Noctia but why? He had to find out more.

Merfrid: *in a silent voice* Those goblins...... they funded Blothera?

He looked in the logs of Port Qi'Shen, and he found something regarding Noctia called "A Trader's Hope: against Noctia for the Greater Good", his heart began to race, sweat coming down from his forehead, not noticing how he was holding the candle close to his face as he was full of anger but could not yell as he would alert someone that he was there.

Merfrid: *in a silent voice* What is this horrid book about?

He read thoroughly and at some point he found out an interesting passage by the Oversee of Port Qi'Shen

Overseer: I am not fond of Noctia's constant over-purchasing of siege supplies, food, and lumber, not to mention the influx of new citizens using the port as a way to get to Port Noctium which was the capital of Noctium. It was crowding the harbour and the economy was unbalanced due to Rex Merfrid's large spending sprees from the fishing trade in his port on the southern coast of An'she. 

Merfrid noticed a note on the top of the journal that read "To the Noctians Rex means King, I shall remember this incase one of the Shen ever meet with him"

As he turned the pages he found out that the Shen were paying Blothera gems, food, and cargo since they intended for Blothera to wipe Noctia off the map, they knew of Merfrid's ambitions to make a southern empire and how he wanted to eventually dominate the economy using his plans to become an agricultural powerhouse.

Merfrid angrily shut the book, took some other books including the transaction book of Archmage from the time of the Blotheran Wars and the shipments for them, he blew out the candle, took the candle, the books, and went out the window and snuck out onto the street unnoticed.

RE: Merfrid's Investigation on the Shen - SilentStormSix - 01-18-2021

Oh they didn't fund just blothera....