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The Return of Noctia - Vinovia2 - 10-14-2020

dear fellow atlians,

a few days ago, a new player returned to the political scene. This player goes by the name of "polarclad", or "merfrid". They are the previous owner of the great nation Noctia, and have returned to re-instate their prowess. As of today, theĀ 374th day of Evermoon 452 ACE, Noctia has decided to merge with the Dream Isle Disciples, formerly known as "Ultimus", "The Templar Order", and "StormEight". We shall now be known as The Noctian-Aeros Empire, may our reign last long and be prosperous.
-signed, newly instated Noctaerian head of tannery and trade, Vinovia2
Adara vult!

RE: The Return of Noctia - Rockhopper_8 - 10-14-2020

The New Nation Will be called The Noctia-Aeros Empire. We hope to continue both nations in paralell and give the communtiy plenty of exciting events to come.

Aeros Diplomatic and Leadership Head

RE: The Return of Noctia - SilentStormSix - 10-14-2020

name Merfridion or else