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Lost Atlian Legacies - Chickenoob76 - 10-05-2020

The people of Atlas,

Today marks the loss of great members of the Atlas Community and many great nations in the fall. Whether these members are from the past or from the present, they shall be mourned for. From Easy_beans to Yodabird19, we have had many great leaders lost due to the unstable times of Atlas' today.

In the past, we, Atlas' community, have battled and are continuing to fight for reform of the Atlas to make a better tomorrow in the coming future of this great server. Due to this fight, we have lost the legendary Easy_beans, Lord Warden of the Wardens of Wraithwood, he resigned his position on 9/24/2020 and left Atlas at once. Following his resignation came many members of our cherished Warden family, which includes High Warden Terpomo, High Warden TheCubling, High Warden SirWalnuts, and Commandant Warpoe.

Today we have lost the large and very prosperous, Cortesia Del Mar, which as lost President IceCarim, Vice President Yodabird19, and Treasury Minister BrickStormSix. Today, Cortesia Del Mar (the city) has fallen along with Frostmire.

After all this, our leading Atlas Projects have taken a hit from Yodabird19's departure, The Atlian International Rail Project has been discontinued, The Atlas History Project is under new leadership, The Atlas Documentation Effort is under new leadership, APESHIT is still working on it and some other projects.

Today, tomorrow and in Atlas' future, our members must rise up and unite to make Atlas a better home than it is today. These losses shall be mourned on, but we must move on.

Our losses today shall be remembered into the future and shall never be forgotten.

Make a better today to make a better tomorrow.