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Chicken's Security Services - Chickenoob76 - 09-11-2020

Hey Atlas!

I am creating a company that Atlians can use, Chicken's Security Services, you can purchase some services from me! I offer security advice, siege advice, defense weaknesses inspections, and other services that can help with preventing espionage.

Services provided and descriptions:

100 gems/30 minutes - Security Advice: A walk around your base can offer a good insight to what is good and what can change, I can show you which areas you can improve on and which areas are good!
75 gems/30 minutes - Siege Advice: I can provide you with some information on which areas are exposed and what kind of attack that area is susceptible to.
250 gems/30 minutes - Defense Weaknesses Inspection: The Defense Weaknesses Inspection is a way for me to go around your town's defenses and expose any weakness that can be exploited within your town's defenses.
+125 gems/30 minutes - DWI Underground Hazards Add-on: This can be purchased along with the Defense Weaknesses Inspections and will expose any threat underground.
500 gems/mission - Espionage Defense Test: The EDT is an operation that will be conducted at a random time to test espionage defenses, the test includes me going around your town of choice and trying to collect "information" on your town to see if I am able to get into your secrets.

More services are to be coming soon! Please note that any information that is obtained regarding anyone's defenses will remain confidential. I will not share it with anyone without your written permission, you will be able to take a survey so I can know who you want me to share your defense information with. Another important thing, this service is independent from the Wardens of Wraithwood and is not financially, influentially, or politically supported in any way.

To get into contact with me to run these services, please message me on Discord at Chickenoob76#5697. A nation leader/representative, Security Officer, or equivalent, or a person appointed as their representative must accompany me on any active operation within town borders.

To get this service started! The first three nations to contact me will get a free package deal which includes:
-Free Security Advice service for one town.
-50% discount on the Defense Weaknesses Inspection service.
-25% discount on the DWI Underground Hazards Add-on with the purchase of Defense Weaknesses Inspection service.