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offhand meta and magic rocks - cereemo - 09-10-2020

I think that the offhand meta of atlas is pretty interesting. on atlas, you have more and more meaningful offhand options. you can choose shields, wands, or nothing. shields are a great defensive stance, and allow a skilled player to beat someone who has better gear then them. wands allow you to use magic, which is used for all sorts of scenarios. and nothing doesnt really do much, however if you are using the drakonfell set you get an additional projectile. overall, I have thought that this is one of the most interesting parts of atlas, so naturally I want to give my ideas on how to improve it: magic rocks
magic rocks would be an item that only works when held in your offhand. different rocks have different effects, so you would have to keep in mind which one you want. I wouldn't want people to switch between them in battle, or switch from a wand/shield to them, so I would say make it so you need to hold it for 10 seconds for it to activate. some effects could include:

a raw damage bonus, probably small, but certain rocks could sacrifice other stats to give you a higher attack. maybe we can steal an idea from pokemon and have a "life orb" like item, you get extra damage but you take damage whenever you attack. maybe you can also have stone that poison/burn you whenever you attack for extra damage

you could also get a health/defense bonus, imagine similar to the attack bonus, maybe you can sacrifice your health for extra armour, or extra armour for extra health

there could also be more supportive roles for magic rocks, perhaps one that increases your speed or jump height. maybe a stone that increases meat gain from animals, or increases the chance to hatch a chicken from an egg. 

we could also use this as a way to add in the removed enchantments like fire aspect, maybe there is a stone that has a 40% chance to burn your oponnent

so, how would one acquire the stones? I imagine that you could buy "cores" from an npc. the cores would be for different attributes, there would be a + and a - core for each attribute, and then special attributes, like poison or could combine 3 cores in a crafting table, with 3 smooth stone on the top and bottom. then you would get a stone! however, I think there should be one more step, like combining the stone with an ore in an anvil. this would make it so the stones are more costly, and you could have different tiers of orbs.

ok thx bye

RE: offhand meta and magic rocks - Tyrriel - 09-10-2020

This is a pretty interesting idea. Other than just crafting, we can add it to the legendary quest reward pool, special ones to boss drops and so on. I'm interested in more feedback on this idea.

RE: offhand meta and magic rocks - yodabird19 - 09-10-2020

I tend to hear this sort of thing referred to as "charms", and I love it. Since the buffs given by these would be marginal (ie not gamebreaking and not punishing not to have), I wonder if some of the more exotic of these "magic rocks" couldn't be made very difficult or expensive to acquire, so as to provide one more thing for end-game players to sink resources/time into (although it would still be a finite sink), since it wouldn't steepen the power curve much? Those might be the most exciting/fun, but I think there's a lot of possibilities even for more accessible "basic" magic rocks. I'm not sure what they'd be (I'm sort of rambling here because I want to help fulfill Tyrriel's request for "more feedback" (which nobody thus far has)), but I made a lengthy list of potential magic effects a few days ago, perhaps some of the ideas there that can't be put into magic proper could instead inspire some magic rocks? I suppose it's the developers' place to decide what's balanced.