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Wardens of Wraithwood Grand Feast - Chickenoob76 - 08-20-2020

Hello Atheran Public!

I am announcing the first-ever  Wardens of Wraithwood Grand Feast! The feast will be held at Wraithhall, WoW Capital City (-400, 400) on Friday, 8/21/2020 at 4 PM CST.

Bring your gems for the carnival during the feast! We have gambling slot machines, mini-golf, a maze, pig jousting, and archery competitions! Tickets for each event are 1 gem per ticket! One ticket, per person, is needed to play any games! Slot machine tickets are 10 gems a piece and prizes will be available if you win!

The nation leaders, sub-nation leaders, and former nation leaders are bringing their specialty beers, liquors, and wines for you to enjoy for free! Orders on these goods are available for placing at the event. If you have any questions, please contact Event Master TheCubling or High Warden Chickenoob76. Food and seating is plentiful!

Probationary High Warden of Events,