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That Alpha Wolf Bug We All Already Know About - yodabird19 - 08-01-2020

Bug Description:
Alpha wolves (and maybe betas too? Not sure) can pick up items irrevocably

Bug Priority:
It seems that this bug has been classified as pretty low (I've hardly even seen mention of it by the devs), but I experienced an alpha wolf massacre today, so I'd say medium-high.

Time of Bug: 
I've personally experienced this bug on multiple separate occasions, including twice just today. It's not time-dependent.

Place of Bug:
The most recent two occurrences that I've experienced? At Frostmire. However, I and a lot of others have experienced it all across the north.

What You Were Doing:
Dying to mythic wolves, repeatedly

What You Were Attempting to Do:
Not lose valuable gear (that sure went well, didn't it?)

Who was Involved: 
Again, I'm reporting on behalf of a huge number of people who have fallen victim to this bug, but the exposures to this destructive glitch that prompted me to write this in particular involved me, IceCarim, and BrickStormSix (normally named BrickWall_Gaming)

Extra Info:
I think it has something to do with the wolves being disguised husks. Also, Brick lost three pieces of titanium armor and a titanium sword, all enchanted! I know that there may be bigger fish to fry (smeltery/tannery, pvp event islands (woo!), etc), but this bug can be such a downer. Might I humbly ask it be bumped up the to-do list a bit?

RE: That Alpha Wolf Bug We All Already Know About - Ajaxan - 08-01-2020

We really do need to fix this. Gah, stupid Mojang and your poor code.