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World PVP Suggestion - LordGhecek - 08-01-2020

World PVP suggestion:
You can set yourself and/or your nation passive, neutral or aggressive.
1. Passive: You can´t be attacked, and you can´t attack others. Unless wartime is active.
2. Neutral: You can attack others, but you can only kill and be killed once a day
3. Aggressive: You can attack others unlimitedly who are also set aggressive, and be attacked unlimitedly by players who are also aggressive and once/day by neutral players and vice versa.
These states could be known as:
1. Civilian
2. Opportunist
3. Warrior

You can change your status once a week.

In my opinion this merits a vote from the Atlas community, which is quite divided concerning world pvp. This could settle that, and appease everyone.

RE: World PVP Suggestion - Raiyoku - 08-01-2020

See Ajaxan's comment on one of the other World PvP suggestion threads. Toggle-able pvp is not currently on the table.