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Art Contest Submissions Now Open! (July-August 2020) - Iyoforeayo - 07-04-2020

Do you draw? Paint? Do digital art? 

Do you want to win some sweet in-game prizes?

Then the Atlas Art Contest is for you!

How it Works:
  • Submit your original art piece by posting it in this thread, with no text other than the Title of your piece.
  • Each contest period lasts from one State of the Server until the next (about 2 months.)
  • The submission period closes 1 week before the SotS. We’ll pick our top 3-5 favorites, then put those semi-finalists to a player vote here on this forum post.
  • Once the poll is up, players vote for their favorite piece! Voting period remains open until the beginning of the SotS, during which the winner will be announced, and receive their prizes!
What are the Prizes?
The winning player from each contest period will receive:
  • 2,000g
  • Their art piece immortalized in-game as a buyable piece of Luxury Fine Art
  • A free copy of their in-game Fine Art piece to display
Contest Rules:
  • Submissions must be original pieces. Screenshots or non-original content are not allowed.
  • Content doesn’t need to be something directly from Atlas - but it must be plausible within the world of Atlas. For example, a drawing of a fictional floating island with an airship is fine, as those things could (and do) exist in Atlas lore - but things like planes or cars or missiles would not.
  • No text (unless part of the image, like a storefront sign)
  • Content may not portray a player’s character, unless that player has given the artist consent to use their image. Likewise, in-game Nation builds may only be portrayed with the consent of that Nation’s leader(s).
  • Submissions that break any Atlas community guidelines or rules will be removed by Staff. Staff may also temporarily remove a submission, if it is under review.

RE: Art Contest Submissions Now Open! (July-August 2020) - Ajaxan - 07-04-2020

Don't know if this counts or if Elders can even compete, but:
[Image: AtheraInkarnateMap.jpg]

RE: Art Contest Submissions Now Open! (July-August 2020) - RawSaw - 07-04-2020


RE: Art Contest Submissions Now Open! (July-August 2020) - StrangerBadger - 07-05-2020 this is my entry. IGN: StrangerBadger

RE: Art Contest Submissions Now Open! (July-August 2020) - ShinkiStormSix - 07-06-2020

Law and Order

Anarchy and Chaos

Independent Pieces

Repost: This work is RawSaws - Diggerdoge99 - 07-06-2020

"Give me a home among the gumtrees"    (This is not my work and is the work of RawSaw, I am posting it for him as the forums are confusing apparently)
[Image: image0.jpg]

RE: Art Contest Submissions Now Open! (July-August 2020) - VanillaSky685 - 07-07-2020

this is for the art contest my username in the game is the same as on the forums i think

RE: Art Contest Submissions Now Open! (July-August 2020) - VanillaSky685 - 07-10-2020

i did another for the contest

The Drakon Sea - Diggerdoge99 - 07-10-2020

The Drakon Sea   (Medium: Encaustic) 
[Image: 20200711_1255221.jpg]

A'lzamay Brewery 
[Image: 20200711_125542.jpg]

[Image: 20200711_125614.jpg]