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The Great Redfire Wall - RedNovember - 05-16-2017

There lies a wall, a wall soo high, that is penetrates the upper stratosphere. This wall has come to be known as the Great Redfire wall.

This wall was constructed in 417 ACE, a time when tensions were at an all time high.
The Revenants military engineers were tasked with the challenge of finding a short-term defensive boundary to defend against foreign raiders, in which they would then eventually replace the alternative boundry with more modern options; Earlier that year Revenants chemists had invented a breakthrough technology that would eventually revolutionize modern building construction: Self-Sealing walls. Chemists previously have attempted to use this for civilian applications, such as instant bridges, but it quickly found it's interest among the Revenants Army Senior COs. A plan was set forth to build the highest wall known to Atlas. By applying over 22,000 lbs of liquid material, the material had quickly hardened and the wall was formed. The enormous wall not only provided self-sealing abilities, but also had scorching hot surface temperature, soo hot that it's glow can be seen as far as port Qi'Shen. Among those who worked on the wall project, a worker had died from accidentally touching the wall during the hardening process and three more were traumatized with severe 3rd and 4th degree burns, yes, the wall did indeed keep out raiders, but also caused casualties within.

Today the wall's self-sealing material was removed, and so only leaves the by-product, stone. Over the months the wall has gained some unexpected guests, birds and desert falcons have created nests between the stone openings, foxes have found a home for themselves in the many stone openings at it's base, and vines are growing to their natural maximum height. The wall is a symbol of an previous era, an era of the uncertain future.

Tourists can now visit the wall, it is included in the Revenants Adventure Pack™, see shocker for details.

my wall is the best wall.

RE: The Great Redfire Wall - longfellow4 - 07-15-2018

Id like to purchase one Revenants Adventure Pack™ ticket please