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How to play instruments - Vinovia2 - 06-26-2020

Hello, I am cereemo, head musician of the Templar Order. I am not a good writer however, so excuse my cheesiness. anyways, this will be a comprehensive guide on how to use the instruments on atlas. first, let's start with what instruments there are:
triangle and chimes, for 500 gems
bass drum, flute, and snare drum for 1000 gems
bass, guitar, harp, and xylophone for 1500 gems

to play an instrument, simply look at different angles to play different notes, and right click to play. you cant see what note you played until you play it, so you have to be careful. by left clicking you can change your volume, it ranges from .25 - 4, and increases by .25 for every click. by crouching while playing, you can play one octave, or eight notes lower then usual. now here is the true advanced technique: fences. by using the texture of the lines on the fences, you can get a better idea of where to move your head to play the notes. you only need 4 fences, 3 in front of you, and then one on top. you can use that spreadsheet to find the notes you need. the first part is the notes from the fence post above you, and the rest are from the fence posts in front of you. keep in mind I was using quake pro, so you might have to change the chart or your FOV for accurate results. I also used dark oak fences, so your fence texture will vary in colour, but the texture should remain the same. 

bonus fact, since you can play instruments in your offhand, you can hold 2 instruments and play them both at once!

If you need any more clarification, feel free to contact me since I am not the best at writing, and if you have a specific question I should be able to answer better.