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State of (Bonfire) The Server! - hexda - 06-25-2020

Come on come all to Rivia's very own State of the Server bonfire!

Hosted during the State of the Server, there will be a self-serve bar and free food provided by Teapressed :)

Come celebrate the promotions of the community and the future of Atlas together as a community! Take the chance to get absolutely wasted and get featured on the Atlas Twitch Stream.

So stop by Zarakam Jungle Beach (-1450,4950) on Saturday at 8pm CDT and come chill out by the fire!

RE: State of (Bonfire) The Server! - Aid711 - 06-25-2020

If I can make it I w i l l

RE: State of (Bonfire) The Server! - ArtemisQQ - 06-25-2020

Who's H Y P E D

Heda I hate you for the post title T-T.