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Marriage Master Plugin - __Lupa__ - 06-18-2020

I feel like Atlas is missing something, something that most MMORPGs have... MARRIAGE. If implemented perhaps it could be a way to symbolize future nation alliances, if both parties agree, the ceremony can be done in an NPC town or player built structure of their choosing.

Link to plugin:

RE: Marriage Master Plugin - Iyoforeayo - 06-18-2020

Marriage is something we've actually discussed in the past as being part of our Religions plugin that's in the works. Currently, we don't have plans to include it in the upcoming Religions release, but it's something we certainly could plan for as a future element of it.

The question we ran into is: what would be the actual effect of it? Would it be purely lore-based? Aesthetic in some way? Or would there be actual gameplay changes that would take effect when two players got married? We're open to ideas on the specifics of what players would want in-game marriage to do.