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A Declaration of a Free-Lance Policy - Aid711 - 06-10-2020

The Templar Order, henceforth referred to as The Order or The Templars, would like to proclaim that any actions taken by it's members, lest a declaration of war or initiating a siege, do not reflect the status of The Order. Should any one Knight or several seek combat as Free-lances, they are publicly given permission to place war-camps in sieges, yet only should they be supporting another nation's siege efforts. Likewise,Free-lances may freely request open trial by arms, [Meta - in place duels] but these actions do not represent the desires of the entire order. Free-lance parties are hereby restricted to no more than 3 knights, after which their legitimacy as a Free-lances is questioned, as they would then be compromising a considerable percentage of the Order's active warriors. Myself and any Generals who follow are not permitted to use free-lance parties as masks for wars, as well. Treachery and backstabbing is not our way, and any serious conflict must be declared openly by our Order. This action was democratically voted on by a 4-0 count vote comprising of Bishops, Templars, and Recruits.

This decision was made as a result of some knights desiring combat while not seeking to harm the political standing of The Order.

RE: A Declaration of a Free-Lance Policy - Lostnation - 06-10-2020

So basically you will join in sieges and kill people but not say your in war

RE: A Declaration of a Free-Lance Policy - Takvori - 06-10-2020

You might not see it as war decleration others will however, just because you declare to not be involved doesn't mean you aren't. Just another scheme to hide behind.