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Proximity Tax: Revamped - Aid711 - 06-08-2020

Proximity tax has been the bane of some and the friend of others, but it can be agreed it is a useful tool for many. Numerous times I've pondered a system that would make proximity tax a fantastic thing, and I'm finally ready to share that with the forums. My suggestion is that, through the new diplomacy system, you could send treaties to nations requesting to not receive proximity tax from one another. Towns in your own nation would still receive normal prox tax, as to avoid people claiming large amounts of land for cheap by simply making new towns. I believe this would be a well balanced system, as those who seek nearby companions may have them, and those who have sought a new tool for the intricate workshop that is negotiations  will have one.

RE: Proximity Tax: Revamped - Riym9 - 06-14-2020

I second this