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Regeneration Suggestions - easy_beans - 06-05-2020

The new regeneration system has caused some controversy. I would like to propose some solutions that will make more players happy with the change.

Current pros:
  • Makes the region surrounding NPC claims more beautiful.
  • Replenishes natural resources such as trees and grass so new players have access.
  • Allows players to harvest resources near towns.
Current cons:
  • There was no warning beforehand and the player base was unable to prepare for it.
  • There is no notification when entering this zone, and many builds were inadvertently inside the 5-chunk radius. This sets up a possibility of builds crossing through these zones to be deleted days after with no warning.
  • It discourages players to build common areas like train stations and newbie farms near NPC towns.
I would like to suggest instead that the current regeneration zone is included in the town claims and a new map be added to allow players to gather resources without destroying our biomes. This map will be reloaded every night at server restart, and would be accessed through Griff in NPC capitals and Nauru. When entering this world, a warning will be given to the player that anything left there will be deleted at server restart.

This does not allow players to gather resources near the towns, but it does beautify the area. Additionally, staff could allow players to build things like rail stations in these areas with permission to help players get around. 

With this there would be an addition to the server rules that destroying the landscape for gathering would be outlawed. It may also be recommended to allow the groundshaker to be used in unclaimed chunks as well to let players clean up leaves we find floating in the wild.

I hope that this suggestion can be taken seriously; I know it's not the same as what was envisioned by the staff but it's one of the only solutions that infinitely replenishes resources and preserves builds.

RE: Regeneration Suggestions - ElritchRaven - 06-05-2020

I like the ideas. Except the groundshaker one. Someone will run around with a groundshaker removing the leaves from entire forests.

I sometimes plant a sappling under the floating leaves. If a tree grows under and into the floating leaves, it will look semi-decent/

I was thinking of certain mining chunks, like red sand / yellow sand / oak trees / acacia trees / ... chunks that will regenerate daily or hourly with some kind of bonus blocks / items hidden in those chunks to make mining there atractive compared to mining resources in the wild. Basically prison mines, but natural looking.

RE: Regeneration Suggestions - Ajaxan - 06-06-2020

Once again we apologize for the abrupt regeneration and we'll help fix some stuff. For those that were concerned, not for short term damage but the long term affect on community projects I have good news. Normally we would simply wait until these things were complete to mention them but we know some players feel very strongly about regen and we want to assure you we support your community projects and that it was a main topic of discussion at the dev meeting. So remember, these things aren't done yet but the dev team has agreed on getting them implemented as soon as we can.
  • Prevent Priority chunk regen under Y level 30. This will allow rails to pass undisturbed beneath the world as they have been.
  • Create Railway entrances in NPC towns that go right up to the edge of priority chunks under Y level 30. (pending Iyo's approval for lore reasons)
  • Create Roads out of NPC towns that extend to end of priority chunks so players can make road extensions and put up signs for community builds outside priority chunks.
  • A message will be added on placing blocks in priority chunks: “All surface blocks within 80 blocks of NPC towns regenerate daily.

RE: Regeneration Suggestions - ElritchRaven - 06-10-2020


I think i would prefer an underground mining station with ore processing / miner transport over a metro station pretending the ore cars are fullsize locomotives and railway wagons.

Maybe a primitive version of the earliest underground railways could pass for a system based on ore cars.