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The Letter to an Elder - Raiyoku - 04-28-2020

As the Young Wizard goes about his daily business  a paper bird flies into his hand, unwrapping itself into a letter with the Dragon Seal of The Wardens of Wraithwood.

To Master Tee Alduin, Lord Elder of Nauru:

I, Raiyoku Malkjord, Grand Warden of The Wardens of Wraithwood, Founder and Archmage of the Mages’ Guild, send you greetings.
It has been many years since you trained me outside of Falanir’s Tomb; great and powerful nations have fallen, and others have arisen to take their place. Yet still The Wardens continue our great vigil, walking the path you set me on that night. I have grown much since I left you, and I realize now how idealistic and naive I was, taking on the greatest and darkest challenge a mage can face in this world while I was still weak, barely more than an apprentice. But my power has grown with my knowledge, and I may yet be of some use to the world.

I know you too, my old master, are a Seeker of Victory in the war with the Void. It is on this matter I have written to consult you, for though my strength has grown, you are still the master, and I am yet the apprentice. Though I have made much progress in my studies of the rifts, I lack the knowledge to apply my research to our advantage in our common war, and so it is that I seek your advice. I have destroyed thousands of Voidlings in my quest, and examined the Primary Rift both regularly and personally. Through careful reverse engineering, I have managed to replicate the Magicks used by the Devshirites, and perfected a process of opening a controlled rift, and closing it again after. That last point, I believe, will prove particularly important. I will submit my research for your review.

As The Wardens continue our fight, our exploits grow bolder. The ljosalfir Reen LoveArrow, my faithful companion, has plans to descend into the Primary Rift itself, and fight the Void in its den. For my own part, I intend to proceed with my research. There are many new leads to explore, and every discovery is a step closer to our goal.

Ever your former apprentice,
    Raiyoku Malkjord

“What can be done, can be undone, and so it shall be.”

RE: The Letter to an Elder - Wizardteepot - 04-28-2020

During the afternoon of the following day that Tee received the letter, Raiyoku can see a yellowed parchment sitting on his desk, with three small blue wisps of flame dancing around it. It appears that coffee spots seem to stain one corner of the paper.

Dear Raiyoku Malkjord, and to the Wardens of the Wraithwood at Large,

While I, Tee Alduin, am impressed with your findings with the arcane fabric that now dances around Atlas, I also bear warning for what your findings might yield.

Raiyoku, you would be correct in my own personal fight against the Rift that plagues the old ruins of Devshire; as the attendees of the Yukrovian Summit could attest to, I announced that I would personally find a way to close the Rift. In the many years since, I have tried, to little avail. Unfortunately, the methods to do so are still beyond my understanding, though the magic, or lack thereof, that emanates from the Rift has been seen on this world once before. From my research into the depths of the Qi'Shen archives, it appears that the Tas'akram that corrupted what you now know as the Grey Isles has similar properties to the Rift that transformed the Galewind Forest into the Wraithwood. Know that the chaos of unbridled arcane energy caused by both did not come without the consequences.

And this is why I feel I should warn you, Raiyoku. Again, I must admit that I am impressed with your newfound ability to harness these small rifts, and bring forth wraiths that might fight by your side; however, I am certain that the Devshirite researchers had some of the same inclinations when they first discovered the Rift: they wanted to harness the chaos, and it only led to their inevitable demise. Be careful of the power you now have, Raiyoku, lest the Wardens meet the same fate...

Ever your faithful Mentor,

Tee Alduin

"Do not lose yourself to the pursuit of Knowledge, as tempting as it seems."