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Atlian International Rail Project - yodabird19 - 02-14-2020

Hello, Atlians!
I bring you news of the inception of the Atlian International Rail Project (AIRP). The following is the AIRP's description of itself from its discord:
Quote:The Atlian International Rail Project (AIRP) is exactly what it sounds like: a project to build a rail across Atlas. The goal is, eventually, to have a functioning, rideable railway system connecting town with town on Athera and its surrounding islands. The consequences of successful completion are immense and entirely positive. A completed rail would mean significantly lower and less labor intensive travel between points of interest on Atlas, much more international connectivity both from work on the project and the rail itself, and making all of Athera accessible to everyone, reducing the rural/central divide on Atlas. Everyone stands to benefit. The project won’t be much more than a time investment, as the rails themselves are not terribly expensive.
I'd like to invite all of Atlas, from the richest tycoon to the humblest noob, to join the discord (which I have gotten permission to post here) and keep up with, or perhaps even help, the project. As of this post we're in map-planning stages, but we expect to begin building soon.

The discord is I hope to see you there!

RE: Atlian International Rail Project - ElritchRaven - 02-15-2020

How about looting/grief in the wild? We put down the rails, someone else removes all those rails. Still no railway and lots of material lost to us.