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The Name: Interactive Lore - Raiyoku - 02-10-2020

Raiyoku sat comfortably outside the ruins of Titania, watching his strange pet play in the snow. He still didn't have a name for his other-worldly friend. She seemed so intelligent, it didn't seem fair for him to name her himself, yet so far all his attempts to communicate with her had failed. She seemed to understand what he said, but he couldn't make heads or tails out of her strange cooing and chirping. He got off his seat, and walked up to where she was clearing snow off the ground. She seemed to move with a distinct purpose.
"Hey girl, what are you doing?"
No response. She focused on clearing the snow.
"What's your name, girl?" He tried.
That finally got a response. Looking at him, she started to shiver with excitement. "Ah-hala!"
She started running in circles around her trail through the snow, crying out in excitement.
"Woah, girl, what's wrong?"

Then he saw her trail. She had been moving with a purpose. Her trail through the snow made letters, and the letters made a word!
"What on Athera..?"
Raiyoku now knew her name. It was written plainly in the snow. Her name was...

RE: The Name: Interactive Lore - longfellow4 - 02-10-2020

I love interactive lore :D

RE: The Name: Interactive Lore - Diggerdoge99 - 02-10-2020

Her names jeff

RE: The Name: Interactive Lore - Raiyoku - 02-11-2020

Yiren won!!!

RE: The Name: Interactive Lore - Takvori - 02-13-2020

Stumbled upon a sign in Qi'shen few days ago with Yiren on it. Might be a handy way to find out her name or something.