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Summonable bosses - yodabird19 - 02-06-2020

Hey, everyone!

I somewhat flippantly made a proposal in the Atlas chat and soon thereafter the Atlas discord, that the staff ought to add very difficult yet optional and rewarding bosses to the server to combat the issue of a stale end-game. The suggestion appeared to gain traction, so I was told I should put it here.
I propose, in short, that several new bosses be added to Atlas, with one major caveat: the only way to encounter one is to spawn it via some elaborate mechanism (think of the Wither). This optionality (as opposed to mythic mobs and world bosses) allows the new enemies to be made substantially more difficult to defeat than most existing ones, because the staff need not worry about the bosses mass-killing underarmed players. The one issue with this is the potential to weaponize these bosses since they can be spawned deliberately, such as near towns or players one dislikes, so I have two suggestions to mitigate that.
  1. Allow towns to enable or disable summonables within their borders, such that summonables are simply deleted upon entering disabled towns
  2. Restrict the summoning of summonables to areas in or near a town of one’s nation
Both options are present in the poll above, alongside a “no” answer. (Staff, when assessing the results, please keep the Spoiler Effect in mind as there are two slightly different “yes” options!)
The bosses would, ideally, range from being as difficult as the hardest mythic mobs to being several times more dangerous than any other mob on Atlas, in order to be able to pose a proportional challenge to most of the top half of Atlas’s power curve (the “power curve” being the relationship between effort put into development and in-game strength/capability) and keep high-level players interested. 
These enemies could add a new element to Atlas’s already amazing and extensive PvE, allowing for things like deliberate team-ups, serious need for the highest tier of Atlas’s gear, and new rewards as well. The monsters should be rewarding, ideally proportionally to their difficulty, but to do this without wrecking the Atlian economy would be difficult. Thus, I have several ideas for potential rewards that bosses may give out:
  1. Items which are not inherently valuable, but which there are few other ways to get, such as quartz blocks or endstone
  2. Server-wide boosters such as temporarily shortened obelisk shard timers or everyone receiving Speed 1
  3. Very large amounts of experience points (especially for magic-themed summonables)
  4. Minor convenience rewards such as halving one’s nation’s taxes for a week (non-stackable) 
When it comes to ideas for bosses themselves, I feel less qualified, as I’m still relatively new to Atlas and am likely only approaching the lower end of the power levels I suggest these bosses have. Truly, right now, I am a dwarf arguing the giants’ case. However, I do have a few general ideas, somewhat based on what I heard from the more established players whom this proposal would directly benefit:
  1. An elemental boss capable of wielding the attacks of all five existing elementals
  2. A magic boss which actually uses magic similar to that which the players have access to
  3. An enhanced Wither
But I’m absolutely open to suggestions in the comments below. Indeed, suggestions for bosses, for drops, and criticisms of this rather rough idea are all great! I do hope that some form of summonable boss is added eventually, I feel that it would help diversify the PvE scene, get around the careful balance of mob/noob power that the admins have been so carefully maintaining, give Atlas a more solid and interesting end-game, and indeed create interesting events to keep the Atlas news cycle running. Thanks for reading :D

RE: Summonable bosses - Raiyoku - 02-07-2020

May I point out that being able to summon them anywhere in the world and have them despawn upon entering a disabled town presents several problems:

A. Blockading. If one were to build a perimeter around an enemy's town that players could cross but the boss couldn't, they could surround the town with multiple spawns and make leaving town a royal and dangerous pain for anyone not using the shard.
B. Spawning a boss in at a high-traffic area. Imagine one of these being spawned just outside of Telaria, or in-between Telaria and Kairos.
C. The ability to spawn a boss nearly anywhere presents no clear advantage, other than being able to spawn it in the middle of nowhere in case you lose.

RE: Summonable bosses - LoveArrow - 02-26-2020

It can be better to have summoning sites around atlas designed for encounters, since summoning them where players have ability to build,will mean bosses can be encapsulated to make them unable to attack.

Imagine crossing by an odd perplexing altar in the middle of nowhere, and weeks later finding an ancient book written by a dark-shadow-mage-cultist about the place, then, after preparation, you stand there, with a bloode dagger, over the sacrificial sheep, watching as a disturbed and angry demon is summoned to this realm, right in front of you.