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Southern Purelake Ultimatum - Raiyoku - 01-16-2020

On this, the 442nd day of Timberfall, 442 ACE:

To the leaders and commons in Telaria.
We, The Wardens of Wraithwood, and all nations and individuals of like mind, lay out the following terms to the leadership of the so-called Purelaker Republic, to be met no later than two-hundred and seventy-five days from the above date.

1. The Purelaker leaders refuse to recognize the extreme need of their faithful brothers in Wraithhold, wasting resources on an unrighteous war that should have been spent on the protection of our world from the dangers arising in the west. Therefore the Purelakers are required to divert twenty-five to fifty percent of their military resources in the south to the Wraithhold.
2. The Purelakers are to take all necessary steps to end the war in the south, and conclude peace with the Shen-Cirilian Alliance by any means short of total surrender.
3. The current leaders in Telaria must step down, and new leaders elected by the educated citizens of the Purelaker Republic. The former leaders will be required to stand trial for war crimes and corruption.

When the above conditions have been met, The Wardens will provide magical and monetary assistance to the Purelakers in rebuilding and expanding Purelaker cities, as well as assistance in reducing the rampant crime in certain Purelaker cities. Further assistance in defend the eastern borders of the Republic may be arranged between The Wardens and the new leadership of the Republic.

Upon failure to meet these terms by the specified date, heavy economic sanctions shall be placed upon Telaria. Any individual or nation found to be doing business with Telaria, other than the sale of Kairosian artifacts, shall be considered an ally of the corrupt leadership in Telaria.
Upon refusal to meet these terms, war shall be declared upon the Purelaker Republic, and shall continue until the Purelakers agree to meet the terms, or the terms are met through the use of force!

RE: Southern Purelake Ultimatum - Ata_ - 01-16-2020

no thanks

I need my telarian baked goods

RE: Southern Purelake Ultimatum - Raiyoku - 01-16-2020

(01-16-2020, 07:03 PM)Ata_ Wrote: no thanks

I need my telarian baked goods

You sell baked goods at Telaria?

RE: Southern Purelake Ultimatum - longfellow4 - 01-16-2020

Lug like cookie

RE: Southern Purelake Ultimatum - Raiyoku - 01-16-2020

Quick note: the economic sanctions are meant to hold some clout, and The Wardens aren't big enough or active enough to cause a large trade impact. So I am wanting a sort of blockade. The idea is to sell everything you can in one of the other npc capitals. If they won't buy it, I will (for a better price too). If all that doesn't matter to you and you just wanna sell in Telaria for the sake of it, go ahead. The flowery language I used may have confused some people, leading them to believe I am poised to attack anyone who so much as steps into Telaria without my permission. That is not the case. The worst I might do to someone who breaks the sanction is refuse to sell you dark oak wood.

RE: Southern Purelake Ultimatum - Iyoforeayo - 01-18-2020

66th day of Cryos, 442 ACE

To the Wardens of Wraithwood,

We, the honorable Council of Telaria, declare this ultimatum to be not only misguided, but an open threat against the Republic and the safety of its citizens. Any further action in accordance with these “demands” will be considered a formal declaration of war against the Purelaker Republic.

  1. It is the Republic, not the so-called Wardens of Wraithwood, who have protected this world from the horrors of the Void that attempt to assault Atlas from the rift in the West. If you truly believe the greatest threat to this world to be the monsters pouring forth from Devshire, then surely your soldiers would be put to much better use assisting our Devshirites in this defense, rather than throwing them into a pointless war against the Republic?
  2. We would remind the leaders of the Wardens that it was the Vantian Empire, not the Purelakers, who started this war that now ravages our lands. Furthermore, it was the Shen-Cirilian Alliance who forced our hand into the conflict in the South, by illegally seizing rightful Purelaker territory in the southern Plains of An’she during a time of peace, and wholly unprovoked. If your goal in this ultimatum is to reach a global peace, you have chosen to threaten the last Atlian superpower to call for this conflict in the first place.
  3. The current Council of Telaria are all democratically-elected heads of state. If the citizens of the Republic do not agree with the decisions of their leaders, they have free reign to vote against them in their next election. However, the thoughts and opinions of those outside the jurisdiction of the Republic will not be considered in regards to its governance.
If you truly wish a swift end to the War of Athera, then we would gladly accept the Warden’s assistance in brokering a cease-fire between the warring superpowers of this world. But make no mistake - action taken against the Republic and its citizens will be considered nothing less than an act of war.


Father Donovan, Council Leader
Lord Rothstein, Regent of Telaria
Lord Frye, Regent of the Wraithhold
Lord Braddock, Regent of the Crossing
Lord Holwood, Regent of Kimara
Lord Everholm, Regent of Takental

RE: Southern Purelake Ultimatum - Raiyoku - 01-18-2020

I will be posting a response on Monday.

Scratch that, posting it now!