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Calling out Benged - Diggerdoge99 - 12-30-2019

This is a callout post. Some time in the last 24hours benged stole a relic that was in meridiön possession, due to the meridiön constition this to be considered a war crime.

This is a formal notice peacefully requesting the return of our relic within the next 24 hours; If this is not achieved drastic action will be taken.

[Image: Minecraft_Signature.png]

RE: Calling out Benged - Desertdweller_ - 12-30-2019


RE: Calling out Benged - Raiyoku - 12-30-2019

Which relic?

RE: Calling out Benged - longfellow4 - 12-30-2019

fixreg blamo

RE: Calling out Benged - ElritchRaven - 12-31-2019

The Jewel of Savarunda is in Ryondell.