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Murrul The Deepknight (Finale) - grimkahn - 12-09-2019

The much anticipated end of the trilogy, and probably my longest work yet. hope you enjoy!

After defeating the Wraith, Murrul took stock once again. He didn't want to be in a cave system that was able to house such aberrant horrors as the wraith, but that was just wishful thinking, as again, he had no way out but forward.

Carefully extricating himself from the wraiths now very corporeal body he began to venture forth once more, finding himself at a fork in the otherwise linear cave system, at least from his experience. He began to ponder which way to go, the wraith had proved that there were exceedingly dangerous entities lurking in the caves. What he chose might just decide the fate of his life.

Fortunately he did not need to come to a decision on his own as he heard something slimy coming down the right hallway, accompanied by what sounded like a crackling wildfire.

Briefly he considered what was coming down the hall before drawing his blade and backing up to the way he came. Shortly after a round-slime thing propelled itself out of the corridor using some tentacles made of water. It had what seemed like black coral growing on it and looked like it wouldn't be out of place in the deep ocean.

What the fuck is that? Murrul had scarcely formed the thought before the source of the crackling wildfire sound emerged.

Calling it a fire elemental would have earned some eyebrow raises back in Cirilia. It was bigger, blazier and alot louder than any other fire elemental he had seen or read about, case in point...

You can run but you cannot hide little Deepling! I Roxathros, am coming for you! You will not live to see your precious ocean!

The fire elemental swept though the room like a rogue firestorm, instantly the cold and humid air of the cave was transformed into what Murrul was sure hell felt like. He could feel himself cooking in his uniform.

The Deepling launched itself towards Murrul the moment it saw him, he tried to slice it out of the air but his blade slid right off of its smooth, slimy flesh. The Deepling took the opportunity to wrap itself around the blade and use that as a bridge to get to his face. Murrul panicked wildly and flailed his blade around, alas, the creature was too close and it probably wouldn't have done anything anyway.

Suddenly he felt a mind bridge form. Right as he was about to blast it with all he had; the creature, instead of sending death or despair, made a simple plea.


His brain had a quick 3 second calculation to make, let the Deepling use his body as a conduit for... something. Or run.

Murrul tried running.

He pivoted and began to bolt to the tunnel where he came from. Before he could get out and into familiar tunnels however Roxathros swept in and manifested in front of the entrance.

Did you think it would be so easy?

Yes, Murrul thought. Yes he had. Or hoped.

The air wasn't getting any cooler, so Murrul turned to option B, his last resort. He had to hope that once the demon was done possessing him it would let him go.

“Fucking fine”

The Deepling that had here-though remained clinging onto the back of his head extended its water tendrils all over his body, Murrul felt some of it sink under his skin and into his nervous system. Suddenly, he felt that he had lost control of his body, and was now only a passive observer along for the ride. This unnerved him and relieved him at the same time. At least if he died he wouldn't feel that much pain.

The tendrils rapidly extended over him and formed a intricate armour suit that looked, in his opinion, entirely unpractical. It had sharp ridges everywhere and had the motif of a crashing wave etched throughout it. The water tendrils then formed a sword the size of his entire body, but despite this he could feel himself lift it easily. The water then hardened into a black, coral textured substance that he had no doubt was stronger then steel.

Roxathros watched this transformation with what looked like amusement. “Done little Deepling? In your current form you will provide a good warm-up at least I suppose.”  The Fire elemental laughed and concentrated his form so much that Murrul felt like he was looking at the sun. “Come then! Let us do battle!” Murrul felt himself charge forward, the blade in his hand manifesting on its edge cold frost that chilled the air where it moved. Then Roxathros moved. His fiery fist caught him right in the chest and Murrul rocketed back, pieces of his shattered breastplate scattering into the air. He had heard a snap and felt a dull pain in his chest, so he assumed one or more of his ribs had just broken like twigs.

When he finally hit the ground it felt like he had just tanked a cannon shot point blank. His sword lay on the ground on the right, it had been knocked away when the Fire elemental punched him. Despite his injuries he quickly heaved himself to his feet and clutched at his chest, bending over slightly while doing so.

Was that all little Deepling? I expected more, although you are a rather young one, and weak it seems.” Murrul felt the Deepling in his mind seethe in anger, but he knew what the elemental was saying was probably right. Even so, it was the only hope he was getting out of this alive.

Can you form a mind link with the elemental?”

Yes, if we touch them.

Do that then, let him touch us and form the mind link, its our only hope.”

I Will Try

While talking to his companion unnerved him, it was the only way either of them were going to get out of this alive. Trying to physically fight something with a punch the strength of a high velocity cannonball didn't sound like a good idea.

Once again Murrul rushed forward, one hand clutching his chest while the other reached forward to touch his opponents main mass of fire.

Oh? Your approaching me?”

I cant initiate psychic contact without getting closer, Murrul cursed in his head.

His legs pumped and strained, and the fiery mass leisurely formed the shape of a hand in a flick position right in his path, as if to mock him. Murrul then surprised the elemental by throwing himself on to the apparition of flame without hesitation. He had only a blissfully short second to feel himself boiling in his armour before being whisked away to the mind space where he and the Deepling would do battle against Roxathros again. Hopefully with a much more even playing field.

He felt Roxathros roar over the psychic bridge, its sheer power making him flinch. Before Roxathros could tear apart the mental link he and the Deepling launched a joint attack, The Deepling sending images and concepts of a primordial ocean and the ancient horrors that lay within it. While Murrul threw the somewhat less grand concepts of war, blood and steel at the fire elemental.

Then Roxathros retaliated.

Instantly Murrul and his ally were forced on the defensive. The sheer power of the memory smashed against their collective. The memory was of the first fire, the oldest fire, the fire that ravaged the world, burning everything, A fire for which there was no distinction between what could burn and what did burn.

Everything was fire

Murrul snapped out of it moments after his ally did, Roxathros memory was powerful, and he felt it call to something deep within him. Images of raging forest fires and burning torches filled his mind.

That flame is weak! It has grown complacent, only blackening the flesh of men and mortal! My flame burned Gods! Scorched the world Tree! Turned stone to wax and flesh to smoke! You know nothing of true fire!”

Murrul felt he did know now, at least a little bit. He knew that if he ever got out of this he would never forget. The memory had seared itself into him like a hot branding iron on flesh.

His Deepling companion however, was in no such awe. Quickly it rallied, dumping an oceans worth of water memories on the elementals flame, trying to quickly smother it.

The flame still burned strong, but Roxathros had instinctively flinched from the memories of the abyssal deep. It was all Murrul needed to throw him a curve ball and buy his ally enough time to end the mental duel.

Murrul knew that Roxathros was likely ancient, judging from his narration, so most things he threw at him would already be known by the elemental.

But what about gun powder?

Murrul showed Roxathros his countless memories of the unforgettable compound, and the fiery force of nature seemed.... confused.

is that fire?” he transmitted with a incredulous tone. The strangeness of this new discovery dampening his fury.

Almost”  Murrul replied.

Before Roxathros could push for further clarification Murrul's Deepling ally finished preparing a memory that it guaranteed would be able to bind the fire elemental long enough for it to complete a third objective out in real space.

Murrul would have protested them staying a second longer in this gods abandoned hellhole if he weren't so tired.

The mind space felt like it had suddenly been plunged into the deep ocean. The Deepling gradually conjured a picture that had no less weight then the first flame. It was of a sunken city, Great and ginormous chains emerged from beneath the sandy bed on which the city was laid to be revealed to be piercing and holding down a gigantic-

What  is  that?

Roxathros Reeled from the sight, hundreds of similarly etched and worn chains emerged and bound his avatar, he opened his mouth to roar before that too was cover by a seething mass of chains.

Abruptly, Murrul found himself in real space. no sign of the great fire elemental anywhere save for his broken ribs and scorched cave earth.

Like a puppet, he felt his body jerk towards the wall, his limbs evidently still being controlled by his hopefully still ally. His hand brushed against the slick cave stone with purpose before the stone suddenly giving way. A hidden passageway was revealed.

Great. Murrul thought. More magic and illusions.

His body walked through the passageway before the tunnel opened up into a massive antechamber, dwarfing even the one he was previously in. At its heart was what looked like a magic, 3 dimensional map of the entire cave system.

What? It could hear his thoughts then.

Well if his passenger was feeling talkative, he might as well ask for some information. His first instinct was to ask what that thing in the memory was, but thought better of it. He went with his second instinct.

What are you? What is this place?”

I am warden. Was one, I guess. This place was built by the gods and the elders to house old, powerful things. Things that are not of this era or place.”

Well, thought Murrul, that answers nothing. Before he could ask for more however his possessor shushed him. Telling him that there was no more time for talk. While they were chatting his body had gone up to the map and started fiddling with the alter it was projected from, turning knobs and flicking switches. Finally, with the press of a button the prison schematic dissipated and a blaring klaxon began to roar throughout the facility.

what was that?”

desperate measures, prisoners have broken out of their prisons, automated defences will hold them off and the gods will be alerted, we must warn the surface.”

Murrul was all for getting to see the light of the sun again, but the question was how?

like this.”

The Deepling controlling his body went over to a strange contraption in the corner of the chamber that looked like it hadn't been used in a century. Flicking through similarly archaic controls the Deepling jump started what was evidently now a portal. The portal hummed gently but the machinery surrounding it wheezed and screeched like a dying cat. It would not hold for long.

Murrul unceremoniously hurled himself through and felt the portal snap shut behind him. The abrupt cut off of the blaring klaxon and the feeling of sunlight on his face worked together to make him disoriented enough for him to have to take a moment to appreciate his surroundings. He was standing on a riverbed, the actual river itself roaring behind him. Surrounding him were great dark green leaves and trees that seemed to stretch up to the sky- fuck. Murrul thought.

He was in the Wraith wood.

Time to warn the world~”

There we go, likely my last work on this site as I will be leaving with the rest of Aureus. I genuinely like the world the elders and the community have come up with, so these last few posts were my gifts to it.  Do with it what you want elders.

Hopefully our paths cross again.