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War Repeal - Deeroni27 - 11-10-2019

War Repeal
132nd Day of Evermoon 440 ACE

The Wardens of the Wraithwood hereby repeal the recent “declaration of war” against the whole of atlas.

Said declaration has been classified as unlawful towards the nation due to merfrid being under global trial and without power to declare war.

The Wardens hereby apologize to the citizens of atlas for the troubles it may have caused.

Punishment to merfrid for unlawful acts will be further discussed.

RE: War Repeal - KillerPike - 11-10-2019

After discussion of the topic with Deer, Insula has chosen to accept and approve this war repeal as it has been proven Merfrid didn’t even have the power to declare war in the first place. We will take no bad action against the Wardens, but call for and support the punishment of Merfrid for taking up aggressive action, if it be deemed necessary.

RE: War Repeal - Amagrus - 11-10-2019

All things considered, I'm probably a deuteragonist in this story.